Let’s get this show on the road.  The optional theme this week is more of a thought experiment.  Avoid any mention of current events in your titles and instead counter with the alternate reality of a current event.

  1. Jeff Fairbanks says:

    Jeff Fairbanks – YH pg 5

    Working on music is kind of my alternate reality these days.

    Electronic version of a tune that’s part of a project that will eventually be played by an ensemble in a theatre setting.  The vocal line is just electric piano for now….

    Lyrics by Chiwan Choi

    Yellow House – Pg5

    while my parents were gone

    i hid in the bush in front of our house
    while the other boys lured all the stray dogs up our driveway and into our back yard

    when there were enough of the dogs
    of us
    we chased them out

    and i jumped out of the bush with a broomstick
    and swung it at the dogs’ legs tripping them

    making them fly
    down the steep driveway

    i stood at there and watched
    as the dogs lifted themselves up whimpering
    and limped and ran away

    i was 9 and there was something that i wanted and it was growing inside of me
    and there was nothing i could do
    to stop 


    • Jim Goodin says:

      Jeff your usual wonderful open ending 🙂 and a great set of words!  Love those unresolved endings – I was with you in my freshman theory, used to like to do that with my 4-part Hindemith exercises. Wasn’t popular!

  2. Kavin. says:

    Kavin.-Lundi Noir

    Not on theme, since this was a product of “current events”, title translates to Black Monday. It feels like we are in an alternate reality, where down is up, truth is optional and avarice is good.

  3. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – xop-05.mp3

    Of the stuff I had done Thursday this seems like the most alternate reality work in the lot of about 13 works.

    more sky images here the image of the morning — it was kind of unusual the whole sky and everything in a very alternate reality type feeling.

    morning sky


  4. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Backety Sax

    This would certainly fit the theme, despite being recorded earlier in the week. Though it sounds reversed, this is actually the way I recorded it; slow attack and short decay. I did, however, reverse it once, added reverb, then reversed that back to “normal”.

    • Bill says:

      reminding me of when I would create that effect as well.  With the volume pedal on a keyboard/organ that I would practice with back when…  It is most excellent work If possible I hope to make this work as a layer interwoven with another work here this week.  but to do it by the end of the day and post so we will see.

  5. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold = now-what-part-four.mp3

    made this early this morning or late last night  depending on the orientation of the planet and such… 

    In the beginning is mostly a kind of alternate reality then sorta going in and out of some kind of alternate reality movie… I guess kinda back and forth.  all directly recorded live performance from my living room- … with lots of time alternation devices?  maybe?  yeah the layers and such are in their various time adjustments and alterations.

    Bill Newbold = now-what-part-five.mp3

    Where this above is the work continued and such – somewhat longer at 9:38 minutes the part 4 is only 6:52 minutes.   the first three parts are at the blog post I did with the midi and alternate timing speeds and mixtures there of.  Below is the link to the blog with 15 songs and a midi file.



    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill thanks for remixing Kavin and me.  I really like the opening interplay of how rythmic tones are happening between my fiddle and Kav’s guitar.  You and Steve both did spins on that and both are really cool!

    • Bill says:

      Yep,. Utopia is just 8.535 km away — If that is not fun we might as well be living in Utopia…   — this work is really good JC … it is not just the fact that it is good but that just by me listening to it I think it will inspire some of my new works I have yet to make.  In a really good way too.  Thank you

    • Jim Goodin says:

      J.C. I have followed Southern Lights yet but like this.  The bending or inversion of the tones is great, sort of almost like bending something physical yet aural.

  6. Bill says:

    It is becoming confusing but if I maintain focus maybe I will have this sorted out correctly   OK 000 the process of creating mixtures and then figuring out who is what is getting easier for now,..


    here the underlying part is Chris with his Final Call For You the fourth song — track four that downloading it seems to be called 20171006_pianoteq_weeping_gently 2mp  with this work I had taken the end of it that seemed extra as the fates aligned the lengths of songs for me. — then mixing was easy too..  putting the Tanke by Roger Sundström mostly untouched in the mix except the start that is dubbed and reversed at the beginning few seconds.. 10 or so.. and untouched at all is the Backety Sax by James Bailey … I uploaded this to here as I don’t have a regular spot on my blog to upload mashes.

    tentitive title mixes = final call for you + Backety Sax + Tanke.   = TankeSax_Calling_You..,

    Mixed by Bill Newbold the three parts are Roger Sundstrom, Chris Vaisvil and James Bailey = TankeSax_Calling_You.mp3

    this is a very profound work I think mmm next level alternate realities — mmmm =-=

      • J.C. Combs says:

        Also, you could upload to Dropbox and use our space here.  Yeah, double uploading is a pain but just a thought.

        • Bill says:

          I know on my blog I get to “transfer” files on the net to my blog with a direct link.  Like if I have an image uploaded to photobucket and put the links in the upload section the net does the transfer.  I checked here but no luck it could be a check box option in the settings behind the scenes but I don’t know…

          I can help by downloading from Dropbox and uploading here..  just say something in a message or post..  I have my computer right now uploading videos while I’m away from it and here on the iPad,..

          wait it might be that a desktop will transfer site to site and the iPad won’t?  IDK?

          I think that this isn’t a problem but a door to a whole new world?  Well maybe it’s late,..

  7. J.C. Combs says:

    I think a different form of player will be coming down the pike, probably AI-based.  Until then we are in a little limbo with all the major cloud storage sites encrypting links.

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