1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – TR2 2-1-18

    Today’s latest.  Added 8 more cells for a total of 24 possible and of these 8 were randomly selected.  This has a very focused feel…  Next improvement for the software is to add two voices just for the bass line.  These will have separate sets of cells – much more sustained and smooth.  I think this will add something helpful to the character of these pieces overall.

  2. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold- more-fries-song-1

    This is my favorite parts of the original source performance mixed,..my blog is becoming saturated with new music. 🎶 http://ice9.soonlabel.com/blog/

    Bill Newbold- more-fries-song-2

    This, even though I made the second song after song 1, the song 2 takes from before where I have sampled in the early parts of maybe a 50 minute performance creation.

    I might put the video’s I made with the above songs in the background,..   the videos use game footage from a first person shooting game I have been recording but the audio is just my music,..   idk about copyright issues with the game as there are a host of plays I have posted in my game account,..I am hoping it is ok.

  3. Bill says:

    Posting a video of how to … embed a video *my first tutorial

    1. make a post

    2. You post it

    3. Edit the post

    details to follow…

    and just uploaded is now the video of the making of this post. 🙂 with the video added

    here is the audio from the video that can be altered and reworked into an atonal masterpiece … —

    audio from video tutorial

    • Paul Muller says:

      2018 Sound-In Film Festival

      How to Participate:

      – Create or find a video

      – Add your original sound track

      – Post to YouTube

      – Follow Bill Newbold’s tutorial for posting on the Sound-In March 1-3 Event

      Be sure to observe copyrights and accreditation

  4. Benjamin Smith says:

    I guess most of my improvs are “atonal.” I don’t think of them as such, though.

    This is using a free music player/recorder (sforzando) and a piano patch I downloaded. It’s a light version of a studio 6 foot Yamaha patch (full, more expensive version is richer). I don’t have it right. It cuts off, there’s a bit too much white noise. I guess I have to play with it. But I’m really sure how to.

    Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.sfz.Feb.2.2018 


  5. carlacryptic says:

    Here’s the short piece I did this evening to add to this event… it’s pretty short but I improvised the music and then the backing vocals and then the main vocal came last.

    Now I’ll post this comment and try to embed the music and image files in this post.

    Come And Change Sides



  6. carlacryptic says:

    Well, that did produce a link to SoundCloud but didn’t embed the song here.  I did add it to WordPress via the add media button but can’t see a way to embed that in a post here.  Sigh.  Will try again tomorrow.  Gotta get some sleep.  😀  I have everyone else’s pieces on my iPhone and will listen to them now.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Carla the easiest process is host your music on alonetone.com. Also And going on memory but if you are working on an iPad or other iOS device the native apple format you’ll need converted to mp3 which Apple does not support. This all said you loaded a file to our WordPress world. I will chk on it and embed in your post. If it’s m4a I will download,  convert and post for you.

      • Jim Goodin says:

        Carla I tried but you have not made your track available to download that I can see either from our media library or on your Soundcloud page.  It would be mucho easier if you encode as mp3 for Sound-In than using the native Apple format, at least in terms of our site player.  I could do a stream capture and will if I get time.

        • carlacryptic says:

          Thanks Jim.  That’s the thing, I do use an Apple desktop computer and iOS devices BUT, when I uploaded the file to WordPress (the Media section), it came in as an MP4.  Later, when I tried to embed that file, I kept getting the main thread, not my individual post.  I will keep working on getting this straight in my head. 😉

          As for Alonetone, it’s cool but I already upload regularly to SoundCloud, iCompositions, FaceBook, and so on – places where I keep all of my music.  I have an AloneTone account but it’s one of those things that I add to only if I have a lot of time on my hands.  Sigh.  We’ll see.  I can’t replace SC or iC with Alonetone but maybe I can figure out a way to upload things there at the same time (behind the scenes programming job for my husband ;))


  7. Jim Goodin says:

    Not that we don’t turn out interesting work every weekend but I think this weekend all of you, family really now for most of us several years together, some really moving work this weekend, every track really and I think I’ve heard them all now.  Getting ready to record another piece I think for the evening but wanted to say really great work this weekend all of you and Bill, I thought your ‘how to embed’ tutorial was and is spot on.  The process is not apparent on surface and does not seem possible to include on the initial post so this was great!

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