Greetings all members.  This is an epic ImprovFriday as we will attempt to go for five days straight, leading all the way up to the Fourth.  This year is especially important as US citizens and their healthcare, education, etc., are being attacked by a rogue POTUS regime.   Celebrate the resistance and happy music making!!   – JC

    • Bill says:

      ThumbJam woe — this is so very pretty ..

      I think ThumbJam is a really powerful creation tool and yet so so simple too,

    • Bill says:

      right … the audio is not coming thru the what I think is the left side … but this has been fixed in resent recordings these records though will alwasy be ,,, mmmmm one sided  🙁  almost a fix – I guess it sounded like both sides when I had made it .. hopefully this is not going to keep happening to the newer recordings… but as I live I learn ..

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill Cabbage and Drones is nice.  Some of it sounds like a mash of bits pieces from our community to me.  Like the sway and reverse and deepening since of an inner spiral that is now about 9 min.

    • Bill says:

      excellent stuff here…I am liking the effects and yet the almost non-recognizable but solid song backing – sweet sounds.  I am getting lost in this 🙂  

      • Kavin. says:


        My daughter is working on her radiology degree and she told me about this anatomy demonstrator that shows a layered scan through the body, so had to look it up.

  1. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – What Do We Celebrate?

    Ok, I don't want to turn things into a political issue, but for many years now – decades even – I've had difficulty in celebrating at this time (we are having our "150th" up here tomorrow). Though I am the son of English immigrants, and born here, it really bothers me when thinking about the colonization of this continent by Europeans and all that that entails, and which continues to this day. I have many friends of indiginous ancestry (no, I don't call them "Indians") and so am familiar with many aspects of their treatment over the centuries. As per my opening statement I won't go on further, but hope this little piece is sufficient.

    On the technical side, it was created using the same set-up as last week.

    • J.C. Combs says:

      Good points.  That's how I feel about Thanksgiving.   I just focus on fireworks for this holiday.   

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      It is sad. Your point rings in my head each time I hear a certain person talk about taking America back again… how must that sound to Native Americans?

  2. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – todays performance 6-30-17

    Here are some workings from today.  I have been re-wiring things to make them work — there was a wire cable connection that was out and I removed it.  

    I am having a difficult day today and not letting it effect the music.  Which seems even more difficult but it is ok I guess…. at least I tried to keep those annoying noises out of the music I should edit out the first six minutes of this song by that time I had stopped the feed thru noise effects.     I think I will so … Only the few who listen now will hear that beginning section.

  3. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil presents The Bootstrap Paradox

    an ambient piece made using a Fender Squier Bass VI, Electroharmonix Pitch Fork, Sonar, Melodyne Adaptive 5-limit JI algorithm, Native Instrument Guitar Rig 5 “all or none” granular synthesis patch


    • Bill says:

      This is deep, so deep that it might be possible to come out on the other side… and then some.

      then the time travel paradox … could leave a hole in time so large that well it would develop it's own dimension just to keep it from going off the edge of . reality —  I can actually hear this idea used in this song.. such an appropriate title and diagram for this work.  This has the inspirational timing element to inspire the beginning of a new work (in words) over on the   site.  but till then 🙂 ===

  4. J.C. Combs says:

    Hello all.  Happy 4th!  I decided to create an album along with Northern Lights.  I noticed I've been creating weird alt-rock-techno tunes so I thought, might as well post it to bandcamp or something.  This album is called "Strange Bread" and so far the tracks are "She Wolf" "Through Pixels of Time" and this one "Womp City."


    J.C. Combs – Womp City

  5. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Ghostlight

    Took a while to get what I wanted out of it, but now it's done. Manipulations in Audacity of a section from the previous recording. The title was chosen because of occasional spots where some voice-like ghostly sounds creep in, and the light, obviously, from the fireworks.

  6. Jim Goodin says:

    Wanted to check in and wish those in the US a happy 4th this weekend and those elsewhere in the world a happy time.  I have not had chance to do music for the event but will.  I've been busy cutting new ep of WONM which J.C. is the feature interview btw and recording another.  Paul and I interviewed Anna Homler last night who was a collaborator of our much left too soon Steve Moshier who died about a year ago now, actually Fathers Day Anna pointed out.  Anna is of Breadwoman fame and is a very wonderful performance artist on many levels.  Look for that WONM end of this month I'd say.  Back later with a piece.

  7. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Hi all. Been off doing my other music, but will be working y'all over here pretty soon.

  8. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – The Way You Approach (feat. voice sample of J.C. Combs)

    I've been busy all weeked in production mostly of the Words On New Music podcast.  This one features our leader and founder J.C. and is almost live.  With music making a piece this weekend in mind and I really am glad we have gone extra long, I had a dronish feeling in mind.  Then I small sample of J.C.'s wisdom hit me that I decided immortalise and de-immortalise even more :).  So in the end it's a bit of all.  Cheers to the boss for bringing us all together!

  9. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – Urency moyit 1

    With this there is a background ambient drone like quality I was trying to make.  So this went thru a double editing like two test waves of process and reduction…the originals pre-edits are on my blog here- getting uploaded now.

    As fourths of July's go I find some people take offense to getting startled by unexpected events in sound.  Also animals as well will take to hiding during the unexpected event …. threshold.  Seemingly depending on ones "purpose"  this can be used to create offensive type noises in the environment leading to a startel or disturbance in ones "peace of mind."  Knowing this we should limit the amount of psychedelic explosions to mmmmm the fourth of July.  With that idea explained it is the random occurrence of sounds in that some of us thrive on while most of us loose our minds about.  I know that a lot of us have seen animals hide and runaway during the fourth of July celebration…

    My attempt here is to bring back a peace of mind and relax ones senses during this day of turmoil and explosive celebrations.   Usually and on an average it is me creating the random sound explosions.  I can remember back to the nuclear bombing sound works I made when I first had my supernova II up and running.  It can be possible to dig up those sounds from 2004 but doing the search might take up more time then actually remaking the sounds .. live again… Of course these sounds were made on the previous Operating System in the supernova –  os1.4 and now I use os2.0…

    edits this post here by adding the 2003-5 song uploads I had made to soundcloud also not included in the soundcloud upload is the 10hr song called useless now 8 and as these will not be included in this months playlist below you will need to directly click on them to play them… I have also really edited out a lot of the spelling errors… As I had thought I was doing well with spelling but NOT… hehe


    Well anyhow here now is the complete midi file for the entire work pre-edit outs of the extraneous sounds.

    Bill Newbold – Urency Moyit Midi x

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