Welcome to the first Words On New Music for 2018! Join Paul Muller and I, Jim Goodin, for a live Skype interview of inspired conversation and music with NYC based composer, Julian Bennett Holmes.

Julian was born in New York City, in 1991. After studying with Lowell Liebermann and Richard Danielpour, he currently studies with Marjorie Merryman at the Manhattan School of Music. As a teenager, he toured internationally, playing drums in experimental rock bands.

He has won prizes including the National Federation of Music Clubs Young Composers Award, the Mannes College Bohuslav Martinů Prize, and the Second Prize at the Seventh International Antonín Dvorák Composition Competition. In 2016, his first symphony was premiered by the Mannes Orchestra, and his first opera, a one-act, will be premiered in early 2018.

In this episode Paul and I talk with Julian about the life cycle of his symphony for 80 piece orchestra, from creation to the live performance and about his composition Fantasy for Violin and Electronics.

Click the link below to listen now to the words and music of Julian Bennett Holmes.

WONM with Jim Goodin & Paul Muller in conversation with Julian Bennett Holmes

Musical works by Julian Bennett Holmes featured in this Words On New Music
Duet for Violin and Violincello, the First Movement (2016)
Finale Presto, the Fourth Movement from his first Symphony (2016)
Fantasy for Violin and Electronics
Piano Sonata #2, the Third Movement

  1. Bill says:

    In high school I had thought about using computer monitors to use for orchestration of works to keep everyone in the same place on the same page.  Then thinking about the computer tech it might be easier now then in the 1980’s.  I heard they do something like that now?  still it might simplify the whole thing with printing paper and tempo sets based on the conductor.

    I like the idea of beat edge and beat time and all.  The tempo idea is very important … more so then the notes played.  Music — ahhh music is the feeling mostly is really a great idea in a passion of music.  I am liking this .. Such a new textures with the instrument combinations in the 4th movement presto.  The next synthesizer and violin is so so very different from anything I know.  wow.  I know the difference between the single melody line of song is very different from the polynote creation in works.  I like that the difference was the one violin compared to the piano and then going into a piano sonata —

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