Greetings everyone.  It's just midnight on Friday morning here on the east coast and with that it's time for an ImprovFriday event.  I was thinking about a theme as an option, thought of 'white' for some reason in a sense of light or snow or the brightest of the color prism.  Should that set something in your muse then themed it is otherwise just record and post.  I will say due to being in heavy bike training for an upcoming fall charity event I've not been doing much music of late but I'm hoping to do a piece or two between now and Saturday which by the way the event will run through 9pm EST Saturday evening.  So without delay (or reverb or wahwah :)) let tape roll and the making of music begin!



  1. Shane W. Cadman says:

    Shane W. Cadman – Piece081117

    This week marks eight years since I started making ImprovFriday musical improvisations and posting them online. Just for fun, I asked on Facebook if anybody had any requests for a particular instrument. I had a few different requests, and most I could accommodate, but when it came time to make the SoundIn improv, I was drawn to two of them. I started off with electric bass, played through the Timeline, Cathedral & Ditto X4 pedals. I then brought out the xaphoon (at the request of Steve Layton), which I haven't played in years, and improvised a part over the bass part. I don't know where the urge to make vocal percussion sounds came from, but these are all about following where the muse leads. Here's to another eight years!

  2. J.C. Combs says:

    Hope you keep this running through Saturday.  Have an improv but my mouse died.  Received a new one and will upload in the morning.  

  3. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – The Perseids

    Something about the upcoming astronomical event that isn't the eclipse.  More ambient indeterminate music randomly ordered segments.  New piece in a minor pentatonic key (you thought they didn't have those?)  Good to get away from politics…


  4. Benjamin Smith says:

    I can play it from google drive. I'm not seeing it in or playing it from the jPlayer Jukebox.

    Extend Improv-Friday to Sunday if alonetone stays down? Though, there's no guarantee when it'll be back.


  5. James Bailey says:

    Great. Just as I get some things finished to submit, alonetone is down for maintenance. I have to go out shortly and won't be back until late, most likely, so am hoping things will still be open.

  6. Paul Mimlitsch says:

    In the same boat as James.  Alonetone has been down since this morning.  Being as we can't post via Souncloud,  does anyone know if posts to << >> can be linked to SoundIn?  I've been using << >> as a Souncloud alternative for a few weeks and since SC seems to be on the brink of closing, anybody have any other suggestions?….  At any rate, if interesed, here are links (listen/ download) to, what were supposed to be this mornings SI postings: 





  7. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – test piece. Very close-mic'd clarinet. Not really intended as a contribution to things, but more as a demonstration of what one gets under such conditions. Bottom end is obviously stronger because it's going directly to the mic. Higher notes escape before they get down that far.

    James Bailey – Sounds for Reverberant Spaces 4 Another in the series, this time in a small room (my bedroom, though the door was open). Clarinet.

    James Bailey – Can You Hear Me Now? – More clarinet, but close mic'd again. This time the intention was to avoid exciting the reed, and just use breath sounds, but filtered using the instrument keys. 

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