Wow times like these as the song has said.  I have not hosted in a while, have been caught up in training for a fall charity biking event but that said the news this week from the present darkness in the politcal air of North America needs some positive light to wash it away.  Sending this weekends ImprovFriday up to the Universe for positive light to return.  Welcome an ImprovFriday… come create a positive muse of musical light.



  1. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold the-weasle-box-one

    But this is on the edge of cacophony in an overloaded mixture from yesterday's works it is like filling all the holes in front of me and not being about to get a sound thru the mix.. this is one of the worst works I have put together IDK something about giving each song part its own section of the stereo field it is working as a test pattern for like noise elements and such… I do not like it – this is not aesthetic pleasing.much at all

    Bill Newbold weasel-number-08

    Again here we have mostly sting instruments in garage band — notice the timing it is really good here as a single or double string set work… but inside the cacophony no not good.  the title is taken from the idea of Fz that the weasel would rip my flesh — or so it is thought —_—

  2. Paul Mimlitsch says:

    Paul Mimlitsch – "crinkle2"

    – guitar/ ebow/ re301 (extremely crinkled tape). Experiment to see how an extremely crinkled tape loop sounds/ behaves in a Roland re301 Space Echo using echo and sound on sound mode. Created a 1 meter tape loop, crunched it up into a ball, shook it out, and installed into the 301. Guitar/ ebow, no other effects or post recording fanciness. Fun and games! 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    well there are new things afoot === and a new mixing program —


    Bill Newbold Boxing boxes 1 retake 1

    And this was made ealier and then I made two videos with the open broadcaster software in record – but then.. I used another free program with and other movies and mixed them all Using —- GLmixer and mixed them all together the watercoloring videos and milkdrop works and some video filter equations… recorded it just now uploaded it after a mix in cyberlinks… powerdirector 14…  sorry under the wire at 10:41 PM 🙂

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