Welcome to an ImprovFriday for June the 16th.  An optional theme would be in the spirit of Bill Newbold's fine watercolor work here to the right.  So a theme of 'watercolor' or 'water color' in whatever way you might weave those words or as always just spontaneous music of the last few days or now in the spirit and feel of the New Music community here at Sound In.  This event will run through Saturday evening 9pm EST.  Welcome and may the show begin!








by Bill Newbold

  1. Bill says:

    thanks Jim for the promotion of the watercolor works… I think I will try and do a whole set for this weekend post them on my blog and link thru from here… a friend asked for a water color work last week— that then I sent them– so yeah I will always try and send out my images when someone likes and image more than or well great enough to put it up on their wall I will send it to them.  (I do't mind the stamp and letter adressing and such)

    first off is a mix of Turtle Island 3 then flowers dream of water,..both the same length by accident – 10:20 minutes

    Turtle Island 3 mix by Bill Newbold

    Flowers Dream of Water by Bill Newbold

    I actually had a differnt post typed up for posting when I lost the whole thing 000 or thought I had as there was the first part I had typed — and spell checked by putting the words in a email draft that got saved — here – and now pasted below.

    Jim, you seem so impressed with these watercolors I do… it is, for me, all about variety and change in the work.  I started under the assumption that since I could not duplicate exactly any two things I would not try to duplicate that image…  and then add on a ceaseless will to never stop making the "new" image — there I am years later storage chest after storage chest full of images page by page book by book chest by chest.  I don't even count the ones I give away.  

  2. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Babbling

    I've actually decided to call this one "Babbling (as a brook might do) To the Birds" but figured that would be rather long for the player display. Anyway, it's performed on a found acoustic guitar that had a broken neck (how do I add a picture?) that is currently being held in place by a carpenter's clamp above the first fret. There's a guitar shop less than five minutes' walk away who I'll take it to soon to see if they can do anything about it. If not I may just throw a bucket of glue at it and see what happens.


  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Everyone I've been caught up other things today including Paul and I recorded an interview wtih J.C. for this month's Words On New Music so look forward to that soon.  I just stopped back by and read Paul's note following the link to Steve's obit and this line from it says it all, wow…

    "He influenced me by telling me to focus on music as an art and not as a trade. Moshier wore his heart on his sleeve, he was the best teacher I ever had.”

  4. Jim Goodin says:

    Too, thanks everyone for coming out this event.  I'll do a post on it and tag all.  I'll listen to the tracks in the night and more apt on my run tomorrow.  Thanks for creating.  Happy fathers day tomorrow to all of you in the groove or to your dad's – call em if you haven't talked to them in a while.  I'm not hard edged about closing the door – if anyone still wants to post next hour ro so feel free.  Best.

  5. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – 12 to 2

    A late post.  This is in similar feel to my first piece which the live mix was off but I kept.  This is captured clarinet samples, some manipulation, with a live played track then remixed.  Both pieces were done with my Pure Data programming.  I should add inspiration of late is a bit of tip of the hat to Paul's fine woodwind playing and interactivity.  The clarinet was in a sense my first instrument though I had exposure to guitar and piano but in terms of a foundation through school it was that.  I picked it up again after not playing winds since college, a few years back doing some work with James Ross.  Last few weeks with ideas in the live sampling I've been doing in PD it's been inspiring to work with the horn again.  Thanks again everyone for coming out this weekend.

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