J.C. Combs



Jim Goodin

Most Creatures


North Country


Jeff Fairbanks

The Floor



Octarine Swirl


Benjamin Smith




Bill Newbold

Part of Times Beat Beats1

Now Made Together 3 parts

Under Unity of Thoughts 1

Now Made Together 4


Bruce Hamilton



Shane W Cadman



Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Old Habits

Refining Time

Never Got The Chance

A Silence Unknown


James Bailey

Opening Move


Chris Vaisvil

Fine Dividing Line

Far Be It

Part Time Midi Some 1 Else by Bill Newbold, remix by Chris Vaisvil

Mikrokosmos #153 in 26 ego for Chamber Ensemble arranged by Chris Vaisvil


Paul H. Muller

Ides of March 2017 – 3


Steve Layton

Night Sweats


Paul Mimlitsch








Norbert Oldani

A Work by Dominaco Scarlatti performed by Norbert Oldani


James Bailey

And All That There Is Within


======Original Event Open and Thread Commentary====================

Wowzers! Hello and welcome to the NEW Sound In or as the new URL ie home on the Internet Soundin.org.  I'm really pleased and excited and honored to do the first official event from our new digs! Rocks!  So no theme just creative somewhat spontaneous New Music or as Shane officially monikered REAL New Music.  Hit record on your various means of capturing your music, sounds and come post and let is 'SoundIn' for an ImprovFriday (and Saturday).  With that the event is underway and will run through Saturday evening about 9pm EST.  Yey, we're home!

Okay wee bit of housekeeping, so I'm posting a track here to kick us off and to add on to it click and post a comment and your MP3 link.  And the image is a fav of my trip to LA this past fall to meet Paul, Peter T and Shane.  Somewhere in the truck me and Paul tooling around LA!

Jim Goodin

Most Creatures

I've been playing a lot of oud again.  This is from this evening.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      🙂 was great trip and the road time was lot of fun, riding around Los Angelez in Paul's well loved old pickup… next time we'll tape a show in it 🙂

  1. J.C. Combs says:

    Folks, thanks to Ben for doing some troubleshooting with me this morning.  First.  I'm going to switch everyone to an editor role.  That gives you more options here in comments like editing and deleting.  Also, will post a pic of how to post a public Dropbox link with their new system 

    • Jim Goodin says:

      J.C. and Ben thanks for working that out.  I had a workaround or another way to name the link but hadn't had chance to reply to Kavin.  I switched to raw HTML mode and just added the title between the delimiters ergo, <a href="your track link here" target="_blank">Physical Name of the Song here</a> which worked.

  2. J.C. Combs says:

    Just like at the old site, type out the title and then drag the mouse over it.  Hit chain icon and link the MP3 URL.  

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Everyone welcome btw.. I'm at work and haven't caught up on things other than starting last night.  Looks like we are rolling along.  jeff welcoem Ben welcome JC glad you are in riding shotgun and Bill weclome and Kavin welcome…

    • Benjamin Smith says:

      For some reason, this isn't playing for me. I can hit the link and play it there, but when I hit the play button, nothing happens. Don't know if it is just on my end (tried it in two browsers, Chrome and Safari). I tried it using 2 Macs and 1 PC (running Chrome on Windows 10) and it doesn't play from the play button on any of them. (Everything else is playing for me on both the Macs and Windows, Chrome and Safari)

  4. Jim Goodin says:

    while catching up I wanted to mention that I tested this morning on mobile and the player plays tracks continusouly which is awesome.  At tleast in my experience with Ning on the mobile it was always one track at a time and it was really hard to work through all the works that way but this is a real positive at least for me particularly when running around.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Mr Bruce behind on commenting but this was cool, partiuclarly the patch of your foundation sound/instrument the one flanging.  Nice to have you turn out, up 🙂

    • Jim Goodin says:

      begins 'indagadish…' with the gutteral alligator sound Shane then evoles nicely.  Brings to mind thinking of Glenn Smith, he needs to come join us.

  5. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey

    Opening Move

    Alright, assuming I did that correctly, I'm hoping it works. Yes it is the same as a track I posted last week, but since that seemed to suddenly stop working – quite positive I tried it out and it played once – I'm trying it again here (the title seemed apt, anyway). Some folks may have heard the "extended" version I posted to Soundcloud recently; if anyone didn't see my FB posting, I can put a link to the track here.

  6. Kavin. says:

    Thanks to all concerned on the new digs.  Hope some of the other, less regular customers find their way here…

    • J.C. Combs says:

      Once we get all the rough edges ironed out I will send a site wide email to all members of the old site.   Also, every new event post automatically is forwarded to our Fb and new Twitter page.   

  7. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller

    Ides of March 2017 – 3

    More stretched ambient – this time two versions layered together.  Been busy coding and should have a new server running soon.  This one gets one of 8 webcam images from around the world (depending on the time of day)  and analyzes contents to determine sequence of the music segments on three staffs.   

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Paul a late welcome 🙂 Ides continues to be a good theme – think it's your most haunting angelic sounds.  Look forward to what you invent with the webcam data which sounds amazing!

  8. Paul Muller says:

    Gotta say – I'm liking this new site.  Clean and easy to use.

    Great job JC for setting it up and getting the player installed.!

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Lovely track J.C.  Cloudlike.  Echoing thanks on a great job getting the new SoundIn home together.  Really great and lot less clunky more upscale than Ning.  Which btw wondering if we should a redirective on the Ning site pointing to here but I guess the Ning will go away this summer maybe.

  9. Jim Goodin says:


    Great event everyone! Great breadth of the muse for launch of our new digs. This is more oud with efx and some post manipulation. Title as Google says could be fissure in the earth or vast differences between people and ideas.

    • Benjamin Smith says:

      Can others play this from the play button? It's not working for me. I'm not sure the Dropbox links play from the button, they don't for me. I had to go to the link to hear it.

      • Paul Mimlitsch says:

        HI Ben – Yea, I've been trying different DropBox link scenarios but haven't had success, yet.  Thanks for listening 🙂

        • Jim Goodin says:

          Paul I thought it was the ?dl=0 after MP3 Ext but didn't work.  I tried to fix as we are all editors. Sorry if I made worse but wasn't playing before.  I think it's some new thing with drop box share that is not public.  I can alternatively host it for you on alonetone if you don't figure out. 

          • Paul Mimlitsch says:

            Hi Jim – Thanks for trying.  DropBox updated things a few days ago – I just have to figure it out – I'll get it, eventually :-).  I was planning on checking out Alonetone later today….

        • J.C. Combs says:

          same thing for me.  I went with alonetone for now.  There are some other options I will check out like Onedrive and whatnot.  🙂

          • Benjamin Smith says:

            Great, I tried Google Drive. But it's the same problem. I can link to the file, but it won't play with our player here. Hope one of these other alternatives work. And it's definitely on the DropBox side due to their changes.

          • Paul Mimlitsch says:

            Alonetone's working…. think I figured it out (it's working for me, anyway).  After posting to Alonetone select "more" for the track you want to link to SI, then the "view more"button, then copy the "DIrect Download Link" to the SI post….


        • James Bailey says:

          As I understand it, the Dropbox "Public" folder is no longer public in the free version, so unless you are paying for the premium service anything in there will be inaccessible. This would, I presume, also affect links in earlier editions of SI/IF.

          • Jim Goodin says:

            Alonetone is excellent Paul.  Easily done, no ads, no rules for most part just a seemingly incredibly giving musician supporting host there.  Several of us are there so we're not very Alone 🙂

  10. Jim Goodin says:

    Btw at JCs suggestion and good idea when the event is over I will move everyone's track to a list up in the lead area and move my commentary below list so it will have kind of s front page and listener archive thing. 

  11. James Bailey says:

    It's a bit long for the usual shenanigans here (though if anyone wants to use bits of it, it should be downloadable), so just putting this up for interest's sake. It's what happened when I stretched the piece Opening Move tenfold.

    And All That There Is Within

    • Jim Goodin says:

      James I'm going to host some of this for you on Alonetone or actually if you are still around, I'll convert some of it as it's nice and I'd like to use at the end of the thread, can I FB msg an mp3 and you upload to your AT account since you're there?  If you're not around I'll just host it and credit you on my profile and link there.

      • Jim Goodin says:

        James nevermind I have uploaded to my profile on AT and given your composer credit.  I took the first 6:30 of your piece and going to use it to close the thread, kind of in toll to using J.C.'s on the opening.

  12. Benjamin Smith says:

    It's looking good here. Videos look good and the sound files are coming through and work (except DropBox which we've discussed). Are all responses on one page? So far, that's what I see. I'm good with scrolling on one page though I'm not sure how good that is for mobile devices.

    • J.C. Combs says:

      It's pretty nice on mobile.  Just flip through with your thumb.  I'm texting this as we speak.  🙂

  13. Jim Goodin says:

    Norbert that was nicely done! Another time brought forth with new spirit 🙂

    for the pictures are using the image Icon shown here?

    funny I did it earlier and can't remember if I hosted or uploaded here.  I think I did the latter but don't find the path.

    Norbert I think since I created the event I had the option to upload to our WP share here but for commentary I think the imgae have to be linked from somehwere else so put on your DB, make a link and plug in the info on the Image icon on the middle row of the edit window.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Paul I liked this a lot.  Nice phrasing and grit going on here as well as Philippe Bailey likeness, you and Roger both take that character on a lot.

  14. Jim Goodin says:

    North Country

    This was losely inspired by Roger's acoustic track.  This on acoustic slide kind of messed up guitar I converted couple years ago and have not touched in a while.

    Also I said I'd close the door at 9pm est.  I'm fine with leaving it open a couple more hours so post away if you want till say 11pm est (I will start to get sleepy then…) and I'll copy all the trax to top and plug that.  Lotta work created this weekend as Steve says that never existed before.  It's wild gang!

  15. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold


    this above is the resultant song made last nite but not loaded here due to length … so I have reconsidered and included the song.. 🙂

    I just need to mix these and put audio to them 000 I think there is enough audio around to get that… but should I go with the long one or the one that is 3x faster? idk.

    I thought I had 4 fractal equations going but it was only 3 

    via GIPHY

    via GIPHY


    I am also rendering a new set of fractal videos that could take about an hour from now as well to create… these are some how kinda different as well… just changing on formula alters the whole image.

  16. J.C. Combs says:

    Don't know if you guys noticed, but on the very top right a small icon lights up yellow when someone is replying directly to you.  Tap that and it will show you the messages.  

  17. Jim Goodin says:

    So it's about the witching hour everyone so I'm closing the event.  I've built a playlist so things are in a row like our old front page.  I'm going to put that at the very top where I had my open to the event so listeners will get a streamlined view.  My commentary and the event comments/posts will fall below that.

    Outstanding work by all of you.  Thanks for coming out for this weekends ImprovFriday and Saturday.  This is what it's all about and what J.C. set in place now a dozen years ago I think that we still have continued to turn out for which I think is just amazing, really in this day/age, says a lot.  I really like our new home here as I think all of you do.  Special thanks and kudos to J.C. for all the work he has been doing to create this new portal.  You rock dear founder as the kids say!

    Okay everyone have the rest of a good weekend and see you next weekend for a Sound In.  Peace out as Mr Duke used to say, wish he'd come back in the midst as well as few others who were part of this in years past.  Perhaps they will find the breadcrumbs again….


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