Inspired by a cover by a friend to the late Mr Bowie and tapping on this as a ‘theme’ if you will but totally open and with that let me welcome all to another ImprovFriday weekend, where anywhere from a loyal 12 of us on up get together as a virtual worldwide community might even dub as a band, and create a body of music of 12-20 pieces or more that never before existed which is awesome!  So without further verbage welcome to ImprovFriday!

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller TR2 2-9-18

    New set of cells this week based on C minor pentatonic scale: C, Eb, F, G, Bb.

    This scale has some intervals in it, giving a lighter feel.  The scales with a series of whole steps tend to be a bit darker and more dramatic…  The software makes it easy to try different combinations.

    Just 8 cells so far for this one – will be adding more.  These take less than an hour for me to create – the server does most of the work and it produces a new version every 8 hours.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Just discovered at least for me when the link is the pub DB if I control click and open in a new window it kicks off the integrated DB player.  Steve this was great and thanks for including.  It’s a drunken twist at times bizarre and times David Lynch all driven by JC’s spoken word improv piece, love it!

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Tesla Song is like melodies or faries popping up from a circuit board as you connect 2 wires or fireworks in the distance Roger 🙂 it’s like something coming/going.

      Terra Nova which I first thought very contrasting and galaxy visual with it’s bursting synth spray sounds, on another play I hear similarities in each.  Magic in the hills of Sweden…

  2. Jim Goodin says:

    Everyone again great work this weekend.  This evening I had in mind to do a remix of the horn pieces from the weekend featuring James and Paul but that evolved to a wider scope including a couple artists from  So this remix features both James and Paul’s 4 trax combined, Bill Newbold, Paul Muller, Alaupas (Freesound) and Xserra (Freesound), the latter doing a reading in Catalan of a poem by Joan Maragall, La Vaca Cega (the Blind Cow).  Will post on FB and tag all of you.
    James Bailey, Paul Mimlitsch, Bill Newbold, Paul Muller, Alaupas, Xserra and Joan Maragall (remix Jim Goodin) – Sunday PM MixTape

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