1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – TR2 1-12-18

    More indeterminate, random minimalism modeled after Terry Riley’s ‘In C’.  Using just the following pitches: E, F#, G, A, B.  Seems like there should be some monumental dissonance, but this has a more of a dramatic and dark feel.    I also substituted vibraphone for the banjo used in the previous pieces so far – seems to be an improvement.

  2. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Prospectin’

    Hey all and Kavin thanks for kicking us off.  Finally getting to record today.  Have been listening to the Police a lot of late and picked up my fretless guitar last couple days.  This is today with a resonator effect on top.

    As some know I was out in Los Angeles earlier this week helping settle in my son Cal for a couple of internships through his college program.  Though I was in Dad mode and running lots of errands Paul and I caught up, briefly with our last WONM guest Anna Homler then we had dinner the last night I was there in a newly discovered fav on Olive Ave in Burbank, Los Amigos, fitting… Sorry Shane we did not connect but next time.
    Me and Paul, LA 2018

  3. James Bailey says:

     James Bailey – Good Noon

    Haven’t seen any mention of closing, so hoping it’s still possible to submit this. About to head off for another gathering of the Toronto Improvisor’s Orchestra so thought I would get in a bit of a warm-up on the old most-of-a-trombone. Using a mute that is actually just a bit of old PVC pipe which is slightly tapered (though not bulbous); long-time denizens here might remember it in a previous life as the Jimbophone, with a bit of rubber stretched over one end and a slit cut in it. Title, of course, refers to the time it was recorded.

  4. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin & Ray Istorico – Giants Among Us

    I did a Ninjam session this afternoon with longtime collaborator and friend in many projects, Ray Istorico who plays various e-drums and percussion.  I’ve brought him to the community a few times in the past.  Ninjam for those who don’t know is a longtime tool for live interactive over the internet jamming with two or more connections, actually you can just stream yourself out and record that so it’s when you are connected to one of the several still alive thankfully public servers hosted by the parent maker Cockos.  This was the first session I have ran as part of Reaper the DAW the company makes that I think I’m finally going to buy.  You can use it free but I’ve used it so long I think I want to pay for it.  Anyhow older NinJam clients can run as independent console but they didn’t stay current with Mac versions and I just learned yesterday that it’s now incorporated to be ran as VST in Reaper and it was really stable today.  This is the first of some edits.  I listened to all the tracks as of last night and great work everyone.  I have not gotten to todays work yet.

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