1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller TR2 11-17-17

    Off theme, for sure.  More experimentation with indeterminate minimalism.  This is today’s piece as generated by my on-line server.  I’ve now got 24 cells that are randomly chosen for play – I think the last half of these is better balanced and make for a better result.  Next time I will be more economical with the notes in each cell.  I can have the server build a piece that is up to 20 min long by selecting the number of cells to program for playing.  The ordering is random and it takes about 2 hours now for the program to select, copy, concatenate and mix all seven voices for a piece 12 minutes long.  With 24 cells for each of six voices that is 144 notated files to convert to audio so the next phase is to figure out how to automate that.  Ultimately I want to notate just the 24 cells and let the server do the rest.

    • Bill says:

      yes I see your point or fragment== … most excellent point indeed.. — It reminds me of pasteurizing something like wine or whisky … and at the secondary leveled utinsel fragmentationing ,… — it is just what was needed I can see now:;

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill nice darkness and low level which many of your pieces possess almost like that of the noise floor near an electric power ed facility.  Lot of visual in this and many of your pieces and explains a lot why you do so much visual content.  Good work!

  2. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – And the River Still Flows Beneath the Ice

    James Bailey – Wind Through the Wires

    Two test pieces for a set-up I’ll be using on Thursday at an event called Planet of the Loops. Something I haven’t used here for a long time, a toy guitar with metal strings tuned like an egg slicer (i.e. not). Run through my favourite Zoom/EHX combo with heavy reverb on the former and short delay on the latter. They both seem to imply the kind of flowing motions which inspired the titles.

    • J.C. Combs says:

      Carla, you can embed your SoundCloud link or if you want to post an mp3, use a site like alonetone.com which is free and allows storage and paste that here.

      • carlacryptic says:

        Right… isn’t that what I did?  Embed the SoundCloud link?  I don’t use alonetone anymore – just too many places to upload to for me these days.  Haven’t been well all year.  No biggie.

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