The end of another year is upon us. Today is the last Friday of 2017, so time for the last ImprovFriday event of the year. The theme for this one is “Goodbye, Hello.” Take it where it leads you.

  1. Bill says:

    Something I wanted to post at the sound in fb group but could not find that just the live performance site but these were not live performances.

    And this one is an ambient mix called Oxicon 2 or well third in the series of the Oxicon 2 session .. very very mellow.  The whole session is here

    Bill Newbold oxicon-idea-form-03.mp3

    This next work is or has the drum boinging and was even earlier this week  (like Tuesday morning)  Actually it is all drums and drum effects with some or mostly processing stuff going on.

    oxicon 1x by Bill Newbold

    And the MIDI files for the above sessions is at the blog site in their respected order.

    I am expecting me to make more sessions tonight into tomorrow — I will have added two new videos to this playlist as well

  2. Bill says:

    And now the mashing of Kavin, James Bailey, and Paul Muller,..

    the process leveling the levels — and stretching with tempo modifications by choosing the 600 seconds length that is the length of Paul’s work.  — the Kavin creation “adios Diecisiete” was feed thru lots of effects and feed loops I have set and mixed into/with that song.  alone his version and the effected version are both sweet —  then stretched and and with pitch alterations … and into the mix.

    this next is the recording made while I played Kavin’s creation thru my filters and effect loops..

    the final version ===


    • Bill says:

      such it’s a kind of new mood or presentation of emotion.. I like the balance and structure…the drum is kinda a Patrick O’hearn esk from the machine 80’s with this but guitar and effects are well into the future,..

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