1. Steve Layton

    Golden Years

    Last Man In a Dying City James Bailey, Paul Muller, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)

    Our Bright Beyond J.C. Combs, Shane Cadman, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton)

    Breakout Chris Vaisvil, Bill Newbold x 2, Benjamin Smith, Paul Mimlitsch x 2 (mix Steve Layton)

    Ithica Loop Kavin Allenson x 3, Jim Goodin, Benjamin Smith (mix Steve Layton)

    Sailing Shane Cadman, Kavin Allenson, Paul Muller, Bill Newbold (mix Steve Layton)

  2. Benjamin Smith


  3. Shane W. Cadman


  4. Bill Newbold

    say something more 1

    say something more 2 long 






  5. Chris Vaisvil 


    Its a Glitch audio only 

    Bass dyads that speed up

    Slower Bass with arpeggios

  6. Kavin

    reticulent blag disnomer 

    danse du desastre

  7. Paul Mimlitsch

    "through a stained glass"


  8. Paul H. Muller

    Exit 57 – Queensland Motorway 5-15-17

  9. Ken Ficara

    After the Heat Broke

  10. ​​Jim Goodin


Gethsemane Towards The Sky


Bill Newbold – The Arpeggio:

Some up and down or repetive work in the arpeggios either played or programmed — I like arpeggios and was making them last nite. —  the quick mix here. of arpeggio work.

I am somebody 1

Here this is from the I am somebody sequences..  I also enlenghend the work by 12x out to about 35 minutes.

I am somebody 2

Now both arp work but sounding totally different … as the same work taken at different speeds. And as usual any post is OK and need not be on topic.  I have also done a bunch of brush and ink works yesterday —

  1. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Steve Layton

    Golden Years

    Hi all. As you may have noticed, I was off and away to a music shindig in Ohio last week. Expect some mashes with some of the previous event's tracks! This here was just one very short arpeggio, that I copy out dozens of times, applied some transpositions, stretched some lines, and had them pretty much come back together at the end.

    • Bill says:

      Almost feels like a Steve Reich song, sorta along the idea of "come out..," by him.  The song that was so foreign to me when I was listening to it in college.  Later to be one of my favorites…  as did some of the frippetronics loops done in soundscape form by Robert Fripp.  This seems to encompass both ideas.

      We missed you last week.


    • Benjamin Smith says:

      Welcome back, Steve. Haha, Rocking chair music as you said on FB. Yes, it has some Reich qualities as Bill stated. 

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Steve we missed ya but sounds like the time at the music fest was great.  I agree with Bill re the Reichishness of Golden Years but it also makes me think of the goofy weirdness of Tim Burton.  I was going to record a piece this evening but too tapped.  Long week at work and just got in so tomorrow evening hopefully.

  2. Benjamin Smith says:

    Benjamin Smith


    So, I use arpeggios as a color and launching point and develop some, some colors, some percussive clusters and stuff, then reaching some arrival point to work with. So, it doesn't take a deliberate approach or minimalistic approach, but arpeggios underly the improv. That was idea anywaysmiley.



    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill both have a surreal journey in their sound that the first sort made me think of Willie Wonka at times visually.  Second is like underwater bathesphere all fat out description I know. Good inventive work and dig the paintings.  Makes me want to try. 

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Bill I like your opening pieces particularly the first and the watercolor is continuing to be interesting.  Good to know you paint.  I don't but the interest has been crossing my mind of late.

    • Bill says:

      thanks Jim… the watercolors is really sumi-ink and brush = work in an almost calligraphy type of style.  I am trying to upload them right now but— seems the larger image looses the connections  Is not a problem usually.. I have 32 photos and 31 brush and inks… they are also in a video that I am uploading the second set will be photoed soon,..there are more then thirty in the second set (i think)


  4. STEVE LAYTON says:

    James Bailey, Paul Muller, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)
    Last Man In a Dying City

    Going to be some off-theme, but I'm catching up on some of your tracks from last week. This one has a fair amount of manipulation of one of Paul Mimlitsch's bass clarinet improvs, a few effects on James, while Paul Muller just sails on through. 🙂

  5. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold

    "yelling crumbs 1" is not one of my more thought out works… I have decided to edit it out of the line up – — It is just the setup process where I figure out what levels are what and the patches to use.  You can still hear it.. at – http://ice9.soonlabel.com/blog/i-am-somebody-you-want-to-be/ –



    Below are the videos from the brush and ink creations.


    Below, this is the midi file for the previous work.


    Please use the previous midi file for alternate instrumentation or going and editing the file from what it is now. —

    I think these edits are very useful in many ways this may lead to greater perfections of these events.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Steve thanks!  This becomes more hypnotic with each play. I said of FB Louisiana swamp and cicadas. Now more like ska band with Kavin's bangs like cigar box and Bens trailing chords and clusters. Dig it. 

  6. Ken Ficara says:

    Ken Ficara

    After the Heat Broke

    Overnight the temperature dropped close to 30 degrees from 90F(30s-ish C), which is a blessed relief. This piece began as a Moog bass line over a rhythm track composed a while ago in the OP1. Simple guitar arpeggios over that, and finally a harmonica improv through an Eventide "Pitchfuzz" patch. Mostly single takes, as you can tell from the various glitches (most notably the literal mic drop at the very end). 

  7. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin


    First post.  Lose improve on the theme inviting remix ideas from others.  Welcome to Steve being back and nice to see Ken about here more often.

    • Bill says:

      clicking the image icon in the list of options in a post after adding the image to the medea Library and then adding the upload resultant url address in the right spot..with the Options image Icon— there are just so many options going on..trying to work with them takes getting used to… I used the WP blog of mine for a long time and … still they keep adding more to it.  

  8. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold



    Crumb # 2 is arpeggio work… and Crumb # 3 is spaced sound feedbacks and such.. Then enter the arpeggio devices.

    I will attempt a … post of all the songs gathered into list form… when there are no more entries to add… —  I am going to put them in post order… I guess that is best.  I am not going to include the longer songs of mine 000 the ones that are about 30 minutes long – — –   the cut off time will be about 5 or so Hours from now 7 pm estern standard time — 

    I have new works recorded in brush work where I play my current song uploads and brush ink onto a paper.  I have been limiting the art posts… —  mostly, because they are not sounds but — If someone is using the image to song program feel free to use these images and repost or alter any of them. 

  9. Bill says:

    OK unless you squeeze something out … before I finish the front page or well the list of songs in play we will be ending it here… number 46 — the number of posted comments… also quite the number when I made these little tiles (as I do) numbered 1-100 the number 46 escaped and was never found till I was vacuuming the next week… I had to replace that number and mmmmm now have the extra number 46 tile.   —- thanks for The Arpeggios and new music.

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