Benjamin Smith


Shane W. Cadman


J.C. Combs

Northern Lights III

Paul H. Muller

May 5 Fragment

Chris Vaisvil

For Gongs, Bow, and Super Balls with Effects

BitWiz 1

James Bailey


Night Critters




Jim Goodin

Colors In The Rings

Artistry Equals Bill Newbold (feat. Bill Newbold 3x. Remix Jim Goodin)


Roger "Erocnet" Sundström
Bang On String

Creeping Roses

Unspoken Words

Paul Mimlitsch


"so then what"

"except for that other thing"

"just because"

Welcome to an ImprovFriday where we welcome in warmer weather and the beauty of nature by jamming.  

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller

    May 5 Fragment

    Working on a new piece – this is a fragment from the preliminary mix.  Gotta cut into sections and feed into the image analysis server.  Hope to get a new version out for this event…

      • Jim Goodin says:

        Paul I echo Chris, lovely.  This work with the image analysis is really a form of composition not a form really it is.  Keep going.

        • Paul Muller says:

          I agree Chris…  Thanks for listening.


          Jim – I didn't get to the image part yet.  This is just a mash of the raw materials, as notated and stretched.  I have to cut up each of the three 20 min tracks into 8 sections and then feed them into the image processing program that re-orders them according to an analysis of the jpg file.  I'll have a new version for next week…

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      Where did you score the Koto? I once saw one at GC but didn't bite on it. Very cool music!

      • Kavin. says:

        Thanks, Chris! It's a small student koto that my dad brought back from Japan after WWII !  I tune it microtonally  🙂
        Here I used a slide and clothespin on a few of the strings.

    • Bill says:

      This is reminding me of an eno work.. I think /??/  it is a close sound match to something from — music for films but then different notes are played. -and a few are kinda the same almost… very very well done … I love that album and this seems to be taking that ambient style to some sort of very new level..  woe…

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      are you using a volume pedal? It sounds extremely large and a bit tense – enjoyed!

  2. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold

    This is from old music saved on the computer.  I run the visualizer with multiple instances of various playlists from the past songs and record so some are resent work others are like quite old and the new mix to the new visuals makes it all more interesting… as for this week I had played into the recording while the various playlists played adding to the "newness" of everything.  I will try to lift out the songs with added sounds during the recording and post that … when I am home again… say — soon.  OK  I can suggest this as a process of new music creation and anyone can do it but probably everyone has done this from time to time.

    • Bill says:

      I Usually go "on theme" with the second post here, every weekend… — but that is interesting – thinking about a big tree.  I have just reinstalled thumbjam to keep the theme jam going.   This is very excellent piano Ben.  I will think BIG TREE… most cool theme.

  3. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold

    this is the first of two or so… maybe more IDK   this is something I performed — I hadn't listened to many songs tonite before I put this out but was thinking about a big tree and the music that Ben had improvised … 

    this video below is … a remix with the youtube online video editing program — of the above video slowed down adding color changes and… also adding that audio from the video last week.   0–0  

    I am uploading the third video rigth now so we will see if things are done soon— 😉   this video above — of course is processing right now… and might be finished by the time… you load the page with the video on it… ===


    btw this is comment # 420 as per the url above… —  I hope to mix things more … with in the next little bit of time… just in the youtube editor now that things look good.   And when I get home I will be ripping ~ out the audio with … audacity and then uploading the mp3's   soon.

      • Jim Goodin says:

        Chris thanks.  I discovered a great iOS developer about a year ago and have been using two of his products ever since for a lot of my effects.  His name is Jonatan Liljedahl and his website is  Though search in App store.  What I'm using here is AUFX:Dub which he now has packaged in a group and I don't think he is offering standalone but he really understands the audio units Apple allows in iOS.  This particular has a huge library of delays.  The one I'm using on this piece is actually called Frippertronics.  I'm also using a glass like slide bar.  It's not standard it's actually was one of son's toys when he was small.  It is about slide length though and is filled with like glitter objects.  I've been using it for most of the time I've done slide stuff but check out Jonatan's products.  He has one free oscillator app but sells most of them at 4.99 however Dub is packaged I think in a set of several and it's 16 or 18 I think.  I have been doing in past weeks some programming with delay in Pure Data but on this piece today is the app.  The first piece that you said sounds piano at times and thanks, is using Pure Data and a delay object.  Pure Data is the open source of the MAX, same developer.

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