It’s the first day of Autumn and it’s ImprovFriday, which makes it a perfect day to make some music. There is no theme, but if the season change inspires you, go for it!

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – Last Day of Summer – 2017

    Almost on theme, but did this one yesterday.  More indeterminate, stretched ambient sounds based on the weather in Europe.

    Cities and Weather Data Used for this Sequence

    Bremen 66 F Wind 5 MPH Humidity 60%
    Tirana 70 F Wind 6 MPH Humidity 43%
    Oslo 50 F Wind 2 MPH Humidity 62%
    Messina 75 F Wind 10 MPH Humidity 44%
    Berlin 61 F Wind 7 MPH Humidity 7%
    Marseille 73 F Wind 12 MPH Humidity 36%
    Warsaw 54 F Wind 14 MPH Humidity 94%
    Genoa 70 F Wind 5 MPH Humidity 60%
    Vienna 59 F Wind 13 MPH Humidity 63%


  2. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Bat Cave

    James Bailey – Cardinal’s In

    James Bailey – Howler Monkey Hootenanny

    A suite of pieces; sort of variations on a theme. That “theme” was a little thing the Zoom RFX-300 does when a feedback loop is created using one or the other of the I/O connections (it has 1/4″ and phono for both), in this case on the phaser setting. It’s modified by its usual playmate the EHX Stereo Memory Man. I actually recorded these on Thursday, but since the event wasn’t opened before I had to leave for an out of town trip yesterday, I’m just getting to submitting them now. Hoping that folks don’t find them too tedious.

    The titles, as is often the case, come from impressions created by the sounds: In the case of Bat Cave, it is the occasional swooshing sound, reverbereance, and background dripping; Cardinal’s In comes from a sound near the beginning that resembles one of the calls by the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis); Howler… should be obvious – though you will need to hear it on something better than little laptop speakers for full effect.

  3. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold = more-new-media-4.mp3

    above is from just now about an hour ago and then the upload and webpage making.

    Bill Newbold = more-new-media-2.mp3

    from sept. 23 mmmmm thinking that was the day the earth stood still or we all had to wear tinfoil in order to sync our brain waves…

    And anyhow the first song is mellow like was decided to be mellow music before I made the music so it is kinda very mellow since I played it up.

    I am sorry I did not get to post these earlier but I did put some kind of time changes into the number 4 new media song of mellowness but too much that I could not make this mid nite dead line wait this is the east coast we still going across the world.  🙂 OK=== and the midi for the mellow audio is here

    Bill Newbold = more-new-media-4xxv.mid

    of course the two parts to the new media four is on the blog just the final I have posted.

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