Above is a playlist now it is below. I did not know was possible, as well as finding out today that uploading from a web address is possible from the desktop computers but not iPads anyway it is good.  I am placing the playlist in the comments and hope to clear up the playlist as well.  I did not want the play list to be posted on the front page with the title of this as we all enter songs in the comments.

OK – here below in the comment post are six separate sound works the second one seems to stand on its own.  Allowing for Identifying them they are of the form in such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Now with that in listening perhaps If you think that certain ones need to be mixed or intermixed with and or into other different parts I could do that or you could do that and add your work or another work as well – Of course the theme this Friday is  =  1 and 1 and 1 is new song.
Well I can make a playlist here that gets “posted” to the front of the site with the event title.  This could happen in edit and as such I can wait or do it when the songs are posted in comments.  So besides everything else it seems that the part of Shane’s Work is not going to get copied to the cloud here for the cloud to post below.  I think it probably is the copyright stuff, though I can’t be sure.  I have tried twice to upload to no avail. — that is what it is.  The playlist below seems only to be usable in the initial post.  It is possible to put a little image where those two notes are pictured when the song has a picture uploaded/downloaded with it.
    • Bill says:

      I am going to have to have some help at this point as “winging” it impromptu-ishly did not work.

      I just need a deciding factor on things rather then letting me blindly forage ahead into playlists or not playlist postings as these posts are “subject” to edits and recreations till it is approved.

    • Bill says:

      Yes I do animoog and garage band regularly..and put that midi out into the supernova II. Via a blue tooth midi connection—Chris was saying how he could do everything from the iPad..

      this mix is great!  I think maybe going back to play list posting could be interesting now and then,..  so. I should try that??

      • Kavin. says:

        I think so , if I get your meaning, yes do.
        Yeah, apps i used were Audio Stretch,NLog synth, Argon synth, and bleep!Box . I don’t use midi, just run the audio into a handheld recorder then process in Logic.

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – Winging It

    Image result for brown pelicans flying

    On-theme as far as the title is concerned.  Indeterminate ambient music ordered by weather patterns in the western hemisphere:

    Cities and Weather Data Used for this Sequence

    Fairbanks 7 F Wind 5 MPH Humidity 96%
    Manaus 88 F Wind 12 MPH Humidity 62%
    Edmonton 36 F Wind 9 MPH Humidity 87%
    Rio de Janeiro 90 F Wind 14 MPH Humidity 49%
    Toronto 59 F Wind 8 MPH Humidity 59%
    Buenos Aires 66 F Wind 10 MPH Humidity 73%
    New York 67 F Wind 13 MPH Humidity 30%
    Santiago 63 F Wind 4 MPH Humidity 52%
    Chicago 65 F Wind 9 MPH Humidity 58%


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