1. Bill says:

    I just mmmm well that the last day or two I was in the hospital with dizzy vertigo like symptoms was nothing life threatening but yeah almost blacked out well maybe I did.. IDK — so they sent me home when it went away —  instructing me to see dr soon..  but I did have music on line and such that I had made before.. that was kinda ambient and such that got compliments too…  from hospital people.  for now  oh and while that happened they liked it on fb 🙂 so I will post it here..  to see how it does… and to promote it.

    Un-finity M4 dimensional universe by bill newbold

    this one is a much longer work with the MIDI file as well…  it is a kind of soundtrack to a distopia like world..

    dystopia noises one by bill newbold

    the midi for Dystopia noises 1 by bill newbold

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