1. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – particles-of-time-2.mp3

    I thought to put the song I made about the new Thor movie in a reworked form here but thought again when I listened to the source I had for it.  Here this song is made from the fb live recording just split and reversed and added to a newer animoog – mobile garage band construction I uploaded to youtube first.  7:49 minutes.  The voice or backward voice is me talking to people in the audience on facebook that are watching my performance live.

    as for Wellington New Zealand the just elected the new PM -=- on October 26.


    So === who is up for moving to New Zealand?  Can I mention that New Zealand’s PM is Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern?

    Maybe I might edit this with some youtube postings and such or post something new.

    this is the midi file for the above song—


    guessing i will put the songs on the blog too… — http://ice9.soonlabel.com/blog/

  2. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Hi all. Kind of MIA last weekend, but I wanted to let you know that I appended a Halloween mash-up at the previous event’s thread.


    • Bill says:

      I think this is something we should do more of… just like work with the works and post them in the various sections where they belong .  because the comments to the original posted section is open we can go back and add mashes at our leisure but .. is this a good thing or a bad thing  ???=== we can make a Album or playlisting mix or something of this nature as a topic for the weekly sound in event also.?

  3. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller TR2 11-3-17

    More indeterminate minimalist music based on the process of ‘In C’.  This piece was created by the Perl code I wrote to implement the algorithms for randomizing the playing order of the cells and determining how many voices stay on a given cell or move to the next as the piece progresses – as per Terry Riley’s notes.  I did the final mixing for this one, but the program seems to work as intended when splicing up the cells for the six voices plus marimba.  The key thing here is that the beat is consistently accurate across all 72 cell transitions and between seven voiced lines, as edited by the code using the sox commands.  I used the same cells as the sketch from last week and added five or six more – 12 all together.  Now I’ve got to program the 4, 8 or 12-bar staggered rests for each line of voices at the start and have the program do the final mixing.  Then I’ll have it post a webpage and player for the final mixed audio file.

    Some obvious observations: The texture is too thick – got to lighten up on the number of notes in each cell.  The source files for each set of cells for all the voices  have to be attenuated properly – when everything gets mixed together there is a lot of clipping and distortion.  Got to look into how to set that when I convert the midi files to source audio files.  Ultimately there can be 24 unique cells, six voices for a total of 144 source audio files.  Need to streamline the conversion process…  A couple of more weeks and I should have the final server up and running 🙂


    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      Chris Vaisvil presents Bill Newbold’s Midi Performance Rendered for the Reginald Barclay Tribute Album of stardate 167840.802 (AD 2490)


      As an example, imagine that Alice and Bob are aboard spaceships moving inertially with a relative speed of 0.8c. At some point they pass right next to each other, and Alice defines the position and time of their passing to be at position x = 0, time t = 0 in her frame, while Bob defines it to be at position x′ = 0 and time t′ = 0 in his frame.  Each one also has a tachyon transmitter aboard their ship, which sends out signals that move at 2.4c in the ship’s own frame.


      When Alice’s clock shows that 300 days have elapsed since she passed next to Bob (t = 300 days in her frame), she uses the tachyon transmitter to send a message to Bob, saying “Ugh, I just ate some bad shrimp”.  So, in her frame Bob receives Alice’s message at x = 360, t = 450.

      When Bob receives Alice’s message, he immediately uses his own tachyon transmitter to send a message back to Alice saying “Don’t eat the shrimp!” This means that she receives a message from Bob saying “Don’t eat the shrimp!” only 243 days after she passed Bob, while she wasn’t supposed to send the message saying “Ugh, I just ate some bad shrimp” until 300 days elapsed since she passed Bob, so Bob’s reply constitutes a warning about her own future

      • Bill says:

        Of course the shrimp in the macaroni salad was much better?  Does this example assume that there are more then one electrons in the universe?  we know that this one electron is in the past present and future everywhere and being everything … so with that in mind tachyons usually just push the electron outside of the universe as we might understand it.  but wait what is the exact value for c in this scenario?  Sometimes that knowledge *the exact speed of light in an absolute vacuum completes the equation.  but sense there is no know speed of light constant … Maybe … there is no problem here.   or not?

        • Chris Vaisvil says:

          Hi Bill, I pinched the example from wikipedia See “Numerical Example With Two-Way Communication”  

          My question is if there is only one electron to go around who is working the electron yo-yo?

          Also – I rendered your piece by cutting it up into 6 approximately equal pieces, stacked, and then assigned to separate midi sampled voices with various arpeggio settings.

          • Bill says:

            excellent Thinking that was some of what was happening as the midi was quite long.  === for your Yo-yo question … I would normally reply “God, if I know?” but in an alternate world view maybe “Thor, if I Know – Oden?”  as they realized the new Thor movie…

  4. Bill says:

    mega mash about the symmetrical timed event horizons Mash–

    we have the two midi recreations by Chris mixed and the particles of isotopic time song is reversed from the third minute backward to the end.  (what?)  then it is equalized to be less off balance with the rest.  the thumbjam by Shane Cadman played forward then backward back to back as the central layer  added in the end the sax both works by Paul Mimlitsch layered left and further more left atop the first left layer… It should make sense as it is listened to… I hope…?

    Mixing these into symetrical-timed-eventhorizons-mash.mp3


    • Bill says:

      I might need to remove the clicking and extreme values from the last word as I rendered it and didn’t notice that the volume on the one track was way too high,,.. I might since I equalized it a few times at like a 6-9 decibels drops and it’s effect was substantial but still wasn’t enough I will resave the song in a new render yep on it now I should of,,, but I will change the mixes for the song the original reaper files are saved,..the editing is soon…

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