For the first day of May there’s a new Words On New Music podcast out!  In this episode Jim and Paul talk about the concluding night of the Second Annual NYC Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit, including samples of the artists who performed as well as commentary about similar work going on the West Coast.  The NYC event took place this past February.  The concert series featured music by artists focused on the integration of music improvisation and real-time interactive computer systems. 

Artists’ music included in this cast (info from the website)…

Thomas Ciufo and Curtis BahnSonic Constructions (hybird acoustic/electronic instruments)

Nick DemopoulosArcheon Eon (“Smomid” and “Pyramidi” invented electronic instruments)

Adam James WilsonSkronkbot (fretless electric guitar and automatic improvisation system)

Doug Van NortSolo Improvisation with GREIS (tablet controller and GREIS improvisation system)

Jeff KaiserZEITNOT (Bb trumpet, quartertone trumpet, flugelhorn, interactive audio software)

  1. James Bailey says:

    Nice one, lads. Very enjoyable.

    I don't have much to add, except to comment on the laptop thing. Yeah, I often find it detracts somewhat from the "performative" aspect of an event, and is certainly not entertaining in and of itself, so I usually just close my eyes and concentrate on the sounds. Some folks are better at it than others though, and while I wasn't at this one I have seen Doug play several times as he is now a resident of Toronto and teaches at one of the local universities (York), where he has recently created an immersive listening room. Haven't been to it yet, but friends who have were impressed. Yes Jim, he is a fairly mild-mannered fellow, but will quite happily talk your ear off with great enthusiasm about his work if given the chance! 🙂 The last time I saw him perform was with Pauline Oliveros – with whom he had done much work in the last few years – at her final performance here last October.

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