• Right out of wiki’s definition “a place of timeless harmony.”  So where you imagine that Paradise is and as such inventing its soundtrack… this can be personal or professional or just peacefully bliss-ed in harmonies the like.  We know what paradise means for each of us – as such instead of a sound track for an airport or music to sleep to.  We would make the paradise sound track.  Something that we enjoy or the musician performing this would enjoy.  As usual, having fun and enjoying the music is a must – so look at the song through the rose colored lens.  The song’s paradise location = “minimal glue required here.”

Bill Newbold = minimal-glue-z3


  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – TR2 1-18-18

    More indeterminate minimalism in the style of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ as brewed up by my server this morning.  I’ve added 8 new cells for a total of 16 possible – 8 were randomly selected and assigned to six instruments for this 9 minute piece.  There’s a pretty heavy reference to ‘Milestones’ and you don’t even have to listen carefully…  Not much smooth harmony here – it’s amazing how how much dissonance this contains while still sounding more or less coherent… This one drifts just a bit to the melodramatic, however.

  2. Benjamin Smith says:

    Well, had two glasses of wine and it’s probably past my bedtime, I think. I don’t know if this is on theme or not. The opening phrase repeats, then the lower voice asserts itself while the opening phrase sounds somewhat in the distance. And then the opening voice comes back to the forefront, briefly.

     Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Jan.16.2018.a

    • Paul Muller says:

      Very calming in the beginning – with a lot of interesting harmonies going on underneath…  Now agitation bubbles up and dominates.  Calm returns but unsettled just below the surface – nice contrast.  Back and forth – tension and serenity – just like everything these days.


    • Jim Goodin says:

      Ben as Paul notes you have such a range but I particularly like the low end of the piano when you are close to beating the hell out of it.  Really a lot of passion in those and particularly this piece.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Roger these are very well crafted whether intentional or happenstance.  Visions of Zarathrusa at moments in first and you’re ability to create suspense and a good goosebumps going on in One Dream.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Chris wow what a nice find or were you looking for an octave mandolin?  Is it same range as the bouzouki, it’s not the mandocello but the in between right?  I’ve wanted.  Anyhow sounds great and at times as I don’t know this I was hearing Jimi but googled and it’s Avenged Sevenfold.  It’s neat groove in same light.

      • Chris Vaisvil says:

        Hi Jim

        My song has nothing to do with the horror show music & video Avenged Sevenfold has under that title. My title was to convey being on theme. It is an improvisation and not supposed to sound like anyone else but you know how things you have heard creep into those moments. The octave mandolin starts at the guitar’s 3rd fret low E string where as a mandolin starts at the guitar’s open G string. It makes an amazing difference in usability.

      • Chris Vaisvil says:

        Thank you Kavin. It is strung with steel and bronze just like a typical mandolin but an octave lower. They also had mandocellos which are strung from a low C but were much more pricey because they were new, also I found them (there were 2 I tried) to be much harder on my hands for whatever reason. Though… I think a mandocello if I can keep the notes straight might be a nice change for playing at Mass. At the moment I’m using a Squier Bass VI which I’m modified a bit to take the (bizarre) whammy bar out of the picture.

        octave mandolin info

        mandocello info

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