Happy June everyone! We made it to summer. For this ImprovFriday let’s pay a little homage to John Cage and see how many works we can create for prepared piano. There is no need to be a purist and play only on a true P.P. If you can replicate the sound electronically, that’s just as good as the real thing.

  1. Jim Goodin says:

    Excellent Paul or JC, you are hosting. I was going to jump in but nevermind cause here we are along with John C! I will be back with a piece later. 

  2. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold ~ sudio tanic farsly mix

    so the above is a mix of four sections of a recording made this week.  the other recordings are at my blog here.


    right now I am going to decide "how" to prepare my synthisizer… 




    I am going to go with option B but It was possible to use the "brick" as a multi keyed drone as welll Just not the way I would treat my synth for the length of a song.. So with the ease of changing the notes being "triggered" I will keep to the midi wire tucked into the edge of the keys as my solution to the prepared keyboard.  At first when keys would get caught with the midi wire I was annoyed now it is totally planned and prepared for.    wait for it – or not. :–;

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – In The Truest Sense

    a long piece and on theme.  I constructed a Pure Data patch last night that I got inspired by.  It uses two variable oscillators with in-line via the patch delay.  I have not played clarinet in a couple of years but the oscillations were making me think that some clarinet working in this would be neat.  In recording from Pure Data it's been tricky getting captured recording levels right at times and this one was initially too hot though it kind of worked in the truest sense ergo the titling of thinking about John Cage so I'm on theme 🙂

    Happy Birthday Chris!


  4. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold ~ turtle slug island 1

    this is the results of the constant pressure on the key held down by the midi cable.  The midi file for this is here  Turtle toes midi by bill newbold — this is a single line of midi or atleast two midi instruments recorded with the record all the midi notes into one staff.  === enjoy.  the song above is slowed down by about 1/3 or maybe the song above is three times quicker then the slower verson but both and the midi can also be found at my blog.. here

    Blog of Bill

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