Greetings Earthlings.  Take me to your leader. On second thought….Maybe that isn’t such a great idea.   Well here at the event this week we are celebrating the holidays and observing UFOs since it was a big week for disclosure with the release of a UFO video by the department of defense.   So the theme this week is Christmas, Hanukkah and or UFOs.

And Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everybody.  Also happy Holidays to the little green men as well.


  1. Steven Layton says:

    Merry UFO-mas!  Or something… 😉 I’m around and will be string together some of your lovely contributions this weekend. I may not post them until the end of the event thread, though (But they will be posted before that over at Facebook when each is finished). Ho ho ho!…

  2. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H.Muller TR2-12-23-17

    How 0n-theme: An actual UFO last night in Los Angeles – at least until someone figured out it was a Space X launch from Vandenburg…

    Image result for spacex los angeles

    Today’s indeterminate minimalism from my server in Ventura – I’m posting this from Ohio – at least while we have net neutrality…

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Father Christmas

    Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and whichever or not may be you pick, wishing everyone a wonderful.  It is for me a favorite time almost as Thanksgiving and I grew up with such a secular family spin on it that have to be reminded by my wife that not everybody that becomes hard to concept but regardless sending all to our community.

    This is a solo violin improv over a first loop and with Christmas in mind in sort of a modal early state.

  4. Steven Layton says:

    Maybe nobody mentioned it, but I think that this event should stay open through Monday, Christmas Day. There is always a lot going on, but if anybody has a free moment they know they can pop in to share something.

  5. Paul Mimlitsch says:

    To all my fellow “Sound Inners”, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a very creative 2018! And many thanks for providing this inspiring refuge from the outside worlds’ nonsense ;-), Cheers! – paul

  6. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Holly

    lose spin on traditional Holly and the Ivy.  Again violin live over looped sequence, all captured in iOS  Echo Pad.  Good deal if we are going to Monday ala Steve’s comment.  To those joining new Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and Kwansaa and Merry Merry…

  7. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil presents IF Matrix 20111210

    This was removed from soundcloud to make room. Not only is Steve Moshier included there is also a Christmas Carol in the mix making this mash appropriate. Gosh – this is back from the days when I had much more time for music than now…. (change is the only constant)

    Approximately 30 seconds of each of the pieces cited were used as samples for a Sonar X1 Matrix View improvisation played on an M-Audio 88es

    Tom O’Neill – 1st time participant
    If Then Else End

    Bruce Hamilton

    Steve Moshier @Steve
    Flying Low

    Steve Moyes @
    Lines Up

    Norbert Oldani
    Piano Improvisation 12/8/11 (From my living room piano via my Zoom H4n recorder)

    Joel Sutton
    Outside of Time

    Jeff Duke
    Lifting the Veil

    Paul Chagas
    improvisation on bass clarinet

    Shane W. Cadman @

    Kavin Allenson aka Breaking Light
    on Mercury’s heels

    Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
    Se Dä Snöar

    Kawol Samarkand
    dialog with the guitar – December 10, 2011
    guitanbur 3
    cold wintry wind

    David Perreko : electroacoustic guitar, Gerald DeGroote : bass guitar
    ImprovThursday part 1(intro)
    ImprovThursday part 2
    ImprovThursday part 3

    Steve Layton@
    Sweet Descent
    Three Wanderers

    Benjamin Smith

    Richard Sanderson @ Baggage Reclaim
    Shellacide 1

    Chris Vaisvil

    22 EDT Improvisation – a solo piano improvisation in 22 notes per octave+fifth (a tritave)
    it was not – classical guitar improv

    The “score” as it was performed

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Really nice Chris and I think I recall this, certainly some of the folks who have not come to see us in a while.  Miss several that had been with us since the beginning including another aural appearance by Steve Moshier – wonderful he surfaced in this weekend’s event.  And it’s nice to reflect though on those who have along since.  Happy holidays to you Chris and if Christmas was celebrated by you today I hope it was wonderful day.

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