Happy Sound-In weekend everybody. The theme for this event is “Memento.” Plenty of ways to run with that. Now go make some music (and memories).

  1. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey / Ron McFarlan – Turtle and Snake

    A memento from last weekend (and the reason why I couldn't contribute then) at a friend's cottage out of town. Ron McFarlan had a little sequencer running into a Moog Minotaur, and I was flarping on my Casio DH-100 into the Creamware MiniMax. Oh, the title comes from a picture Ron took of said critters sitting on a log while we were out canoeing.

    Trying out JC's suggestion here of using the storage at this site rather than alonetone, just to see if it's any easier.

  2. Bill says:

    I don't do this too often … well I do, but not like this — I have found the perfect window of sound.  like the wind.  much like the wind you know white noise even though I had my noise envelope off it was the feedback and feed thru that made the wind in the filter effect as I was changing pitch or keys they had very little effect to the sound as the windiness was overpowering… so the last time I made sounds of this nature was when it was white and pink noise and there wasn't much filtering going on = back in a granular type program that was developing and I was able to create ocean rain… very nice pops and hissing wave like noises… in random pattern forms.  000 so forth – this today you might say I revisited this beach where the ocean and the rain were but this time special attention to the wind.  It may be possible to do a poll here IDK but version one or the slower longer version 2 are the options in the poll likes and rather's will you.  —

    A: on the wind by the window 1 by Bill Newbold  7:32

    B: on the wind by the window 2 by Bill Newbold  10:58

    So here the memento from my mind and it would be that old file of ocean rain settings for a granular program that I uploaded to that yahoo group page in the files section … and then this now is the updated wind tunnel effects..

    The wind has such power and peacefulness together as one.

    the midi file for the wind by the window song.

  3. J.C. Combs says:

    Hello everyone!  For those of you who wish to have a photo for the community section on the sidebar, follow these steps.

    1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner. 2. Click edit my profile. 3. Go down to photo area. 4. Login to gravatar. 5.  Click on My Gravatars on the top menu.  6.  Upload your pic.  That should do it.  

    Also, if you want to customize your profile, hover over your name at the top right here at SI and click on edit my profile.

    • Bill says:

      it looks sorta spider-ish … the kinda eight eyes that might be … ?  by the whiskers in front..?

      what are you telling it here.  or what is it telling you ?  🙂    nice and synthesized musics. —

  4. Jim Goodin says:

    Hi folks – checking in to listen while organizing some things for early rise tomorrow.  I’ll be back musically.  If this is a long weekend may get a piece in tomorrow evening.  Best to everyone.

  5. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Blue Aiwha

    Well I did put something together.  This is a mix of samples put together in one of my Pure Data sampling patches using a native flute sample I recorded while back, an environmental recording by friend Mike Ambs of a blue whale and a freesound.org piano sample by Bruno Lefevre.  All with some manipulation in the patch then a bit more in the Audacity mixdown.

      • STEVE LAYTON says:

        It won’t start in the player, James. It’s a new version Dropbox link. You can simply right-click on the link and tell it to open in a new tab or page.

        • J.C. Combs says:

          Can you upload here so your tracks play in the plater?  Just hit plus sign, click media, upload.  Click into the track and on the right side there will be a box with the mo3 URL.

          • STEVE LAYTON says:

            Nah, I’ll just keep it this way for now. It’s easy enough for anybody to access & listen to the tracks, and I’ve never really used or cared for the embedded player / playlist thing here.

  6. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Me to Men

    Another punny title, but this time with a bit of a message. Wondering where our distaff side has gone. Missing the female contributions here – not that I consider gender to have any relevance on the quality of music, but it’s nice to have a mix of folks.

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