Hello S-I people!

Looking forward to your new compositions, remixes, mashups and improvisations.

This week’s optional event theme is VARIATIONS.

-theme and variations


-different perspectives on something

-your take on the idea, musical, poetic, conceptual…


  1. Bill says:

    You can just like jump beyond this although I have listened to both of the works the 30 minute one and the 17 minutes several times to gain insight to how to improve them in a new variation they really are the same works just at a different tempo and length.  The first work is the longer one and is the original composition the second I changed the tempo from 40 to about 97 beats a minute thought there is no beat per se… I also change the speed of the sampled animoog performances … again this might take up more time then your used to so jump ahead as you fit.

    Bill Newbold – Just-r2oi.m4a

    Bill Newbold – mobilegarageband-Just-r3234.mp3

    And although the m4a is not an mp3 — It might play at wordpress… although I will be uploading these to the media files here and edit this post as well – for now this is the variations of the song from earlier this week.

    Actually this works out prefect as the one song that is MP3 is the shorter one then longer being a m4a does not play here on the player but clicking it opens it in a new webpage. — solved

    brush and ink

    And so for now the images either have to be coded or posted in the edits I guess? I could not find image post options in the posting section.
    Also I am not seeing the size limit options so – I don’t know how to alter that other then in the original image – that I might do.

  2. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil covers Genesis The Chamber of 32 Doors


    The Chamber of 32 Doors

    The back story

    At the top of the stairs he finds a chamber. It is almost a hemisphere with a great many doors all the way round its circumference. There is a large crowd, huddled in various groups. From the shouting, Rael learns that there are 32 doors, but only one that leads out. Their voices get louder and louder until Rael screams “Shut up!” There is a momentary silence and then Rael finds himself the focus as they direct their advice and commands to their new found recruit. Bred on trash, fed on ash the jigsaw master has got to move faster. Rael sees a quiet corner and rushes to it.

    Let the song begin…


    At the top of the stairs, there’s hundreds of people,
    Running around to all the doors.
    They try to find, find themselves an audience;
    their deductions need applause.

    The rich man stands in front of me,
    The poor man behind my back.
    They believe they can control the game,
    But the juggler holds another pack.

    I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.
    I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.

    I’d rather trust a countryman than a townman,
    You can judge by his eyes, take a look if you can,
    He’ll smile through his guard,
    Survival trains hard.

    I’d rather trust a man who works with his hands,
    He looks at you once, you know he understands,
    Don’t need any shield,
    When you’re out in the field.

    But down here,
    I’m so alone with my fear,
    With everything that I hear.
    And every single door, that I’ve walked through
    Brings me back here again,
    I’ve got to find my own way.

    The priest and the magician,
    Singing all the chants that they have ever heard;
    and they’re all calling out my name,
    Even academics, searching printed word.

    My father to the left of me,
    My mother to the right,
    Like everyone else they’re pointing
    But nowhere feels quite right.

    And I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.
    I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.

    I’d rather trust a man who doesn’t shout what he’s found,
    There’s no need to sell if you’re homeward bound.
    If I choose a side,
    He won’t take me for a ride.

    Back inside
    This chamber of so many doors;
    I’ve nowhere, nowhere to hide.
    I’d give you all of my dreams, if you’d help me,
    Find a door
    That doesn’t lead me back again
    Take me away.

      • STEVE LAYTON says:

        Hi Chris. If you right-click & open in a new tab or window it should open the Dropbox player. Also, every MP3 I’ve ever posted for years now has been 192 kbps. I think it’s still the best balance of file size and quality for streaming or downloading across whatever platform or ISP.


        • James Bailey says:

          One problem I’ve noticed with these, Steve, is that they still get picked up by the player and “gum up the works”, requiring manual intervention to proceed to the next playable piece. Don’t know if there’s a simple fix.

          • STEVE LAYTON says:

            There is a “fix”, James, like I did last week, which is just wait until the end of the event and post my mash-ups last.

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Broken Spoke

    Greetings everyone! Lost sheep returns.  I’ve been in my what’s become usual past few years possession with biking which increases summer months largely for the diabetes charity ride I do which though won’t stop the pedaling I did recently complete in Saratoga NY and biked 100 mi in the spirit of raising support and awareness for those such as my son Cal living with type 1 diabetes.

    That said I was going for a short spin about 2 hours ago.  Mounted the bike, pushed down on the pedal crank and I heard what sounded like jumping a cog in the back but then it had a metallic high pitched ‘ping’ to it.  On closer look and increased wobble in the back, broken spoke.  First actually.  How these things thankfully happen so near home for me is amazing stead of barreling down a hill at some speed.  Anyhow getting repaired as I type.

    So title appropriately or might have been better titled ‘strength in numbers’ but all that finally produces a piece of music from my soul.  4 trax of acoustic guitar manipulated in my Pure Data patch from some of the experiments with the programming the last year.  Sorry to be a stranger….

  4. James Bailey says:

     James Bailey – Variations for L. A.

    Coming in a bit late, but better than never, as “they” say. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do a variation on, so just started playing. Almost immediately noticed that I was playing a rhythmic pattern similar to one used by Laurie Anderson a few times in her mammoth work United States. I listened to the entire live version over an evening/morning recently and so I guess it stuck in my head.

  5. James Bailey says:

     James Bailey – Variations on a Low Note

    Wasn’t really sure whether to post this or not but hey, it might get a giggle if nothing else. I’ve been asked to play “some low notes” on my trombone for a piece by Fluxus composer Ben Patterson this evening, so am ‘boning up (sorry) on techniques. Given the state of the instrument I suppose this isn’t bad, so am hoping it will do – don’t know how long the piece lasts, but it’s Fluxus, so could be anything.

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