Welcome to the Sound-In event of “Fairytale or Mystique”

Fairytale or Mystique is up to you when you create something this weekend.
Who can say what´s real nowdays when we visit the Sound-In world 🙂

Of course other pieces are always welcome. 

Roger "Erocnet" Sundström – Where

  1. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Sounds for Reverberant Spaces 2

    James Bailey – Souns for Reverberant Spaces 3

    Two pieces continuing the series started a few months ago. This time it's the antique trombone – or parts thereof – recorded in the underground parking garage of the building I'm in. First one is the full beast, second is just the bell part and some flexible tubing and one of those old rigid inlet pipes for a toilet tank (unused for such purpose), making a kind of natural trumpet that can be waved around and directed at all sorts of angles. Don't know if it fits the theme – decide for yourselves!

    Oh, should also mention about the background sounds: The "babbling brook" is actually water running down a drainpipe near the recorder; there may also be some low, rumbling sounds caused by traffic noise filtering down through the ventillation shafts.

    I will be away for the w/end, so this will likely be my only posting. Enjoy yourselves, folks!!

  2. Benjamin Smith says:

    This one was made after listening to songs and compositions about the sea and reading poems about the sea. Some of it was sad, all about the power of the sea. So that's the inspiration of the improv, but more the feeling rather than trying to evoke anything in particular about the sea.

    Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Aug.1.2017


    • Bill says:

      Chris, that was not…terrible or an injustice to the song … I know … it is not the song but… this version got me to look at the lyrics .. and then it got me to.. — well I saw that there was a need for running up the hill with no problem so– thinking along there – I thought there are no problems only the great wheel in the sky … with the obvious solution ..I — downloaded the midi from watching the wheels… song…-=-  from a free midi site that had that song in midi

      then I had put that midi together on musescore and altered the instruments into — other instruments – I was not ready to let it play thru to my instruments here.  but musescore did fine  this is the results

      Bill N and J Lennon watching the wheels remix 1 – mp3 = there seems there was difficulty with the systems and such… that mp3 out needed a setting changed but I don't know what one to // set   I have just now re-recorded the song via audacity and will soon render… sorry for the mix up my fault for not checking and just posting —- OK this is now working *(i hope)*

      Bill N remixing J Lennon's song watching the wheels mp3

      watching the wheels -J Lennon – midi arranged by Bill Newbold – midi file


    • Jim Goodin says:

      Chris I was curious about this last night when I saw your post.  Wonderful choice.  Kate is mysterious and wonderful artist.  I thought this was great and agree with Bill.  Nice feel in your accompianment and your delivery is passioned as Katie's beautiful words.  Great and eclectic choice!  Post I love that line 'if I only could make a deal with God…'

      • Chris Vaisvil says:

        Thanks Jim! I am going to revisit this song in the future. When I recorded it I just wanted to get something under the wire. I've been busy consolidating my backups and clearing disks of redundant data which is a painful but necessary maintainence job.

  3. Bill says:

    I have worked four songs into one:

    1. AlienCloud 2x (one forward one backward) by Erocnet 
    2. Ben.improv.Aug.1.2017  by Benjamin Smith and the album Benjamin Smith Music
    3. Piece080417 by Shane W Cadman ©2017 Illustrious Music(ASCAP)
    4. Sounds for Reverberant Spaces 2 By James Bailey

    The mixing of 1-4 into 1 of the above music respectfully mixed by bill newbold.

    1. AlienCloud 2x (one forward one backward) by Erocnet 
    2. Ben.improv.Aug.1.2017 2x (one forward one backward)  by Benjamin Smith and the album Benjamin Smith Music
    3. Piece080417 by Shane W Cadman ©2017 Illustrious Music(ASCAP)
    4. Sounds for Reverberant Spaces 2 2x (one forward one backward) By James Bailey

    The mixing of the 1-4 works in 7 parts respectfully into 1 =

    with only Shane's work *the main rhythm to this* is not doubled and backwards.  All the works are on the left or right side of stereo === except Shane's that is — center of the stereo..

    the mixes were interesting for me to do.  

  4. Jim Goodin says:

    Sorry that I didn't get to contributing this weekend.  It's summer and I'm biking alot as per my usual of the last few years, going with a team of riders with the charity I'm doing a ride for this fall.  I thought I'd get a piece in today, even had a vision of what I had in mind for a subtle minimal tone piece but never got to it so I'm posting it as a description 🙂  I did think this was a great theme idea this weekend, kudos on that Roger.  Anyhow up for an hour or so now so will at the least listen.  I did do a beginning listen last night and was most curious about Chris your cover of Kate Bush.  Will post to your comment.  Best everyone and see you at next weekends improvFriday.

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      both of these are very cool. They reminded me of the time I played at the U of I art museum John Cage 100 year birthday event. The gallery had independent groups of museums in many rooms and at times the music bled over to create interesting and sometimes bizarre collaborations. Here it is

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