Shane W. Cadman


Jeff Fairbanks





Paul H. Muller

April 14 Fragment

Vigil 4-15-17

Chris Vaisvil 

Waiting on the Vigil

Steve Layton

Armway Tubey

Jim Goodin

Sheer (as in will)

noize found

Norbert Oldani

Music for a Portrait Photo

Justin H Brierley

Synthtake 7

J.C. Combs 

Through Pixels Of Time

Steve Layton, J.C. Combs (mix Steve Layton)
Grinner's Dare

Bill Newbold


Benjamin Smith


Paul Mimlitsch

"could be"

"so are the other things"

"this that"

Steve Layton, Justin H. Brierley, Jeff Fairbanks (mix Steve Layton)
People Who Live In Glass Houses

Steve Layton, Shane Cadman, James Bailey x 2 (mix Steve Layton)
Trabant Holiday

Steve Layton, James Bailey, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)
Doris Delores

Steve Layton, Roger Sundström, James Bailey x 2 (mix Steve Layton)
Sunae Day

Roger "Erocnet" Sundström

Sad Egg


Easter Zoo

Bill Newbold 




James Bailey


String Theory

Resident Evil 

Pole Star 

Plan It


Bill & Ben 

Wraps Oddly 

The Growler

The Blue Sea 

Morning Mist 

Good afternoon and happy Passover and Easter weekend for those of you celebrating.  Regarding a theme, I was thinking about a conversation I had with Shane Cadman about the retro 80s Stranger Things soundtrack.  Shane didn't like it and felt it was quite below the 80s sounds in terms of quality.  I enjoyed the music.   As such I was thinking it would be fun to have an 80s retro electronic theme.  So let's go with RETRO 80s SYNTH as the theme which as always is optional.  – JC COMBS

    • Bill says:

      just listening and I am thinking mmmm I could add a fat analog synthy sound to this… just then you added a nice and fat analog synthy sound in the song.. 

      I am liking this Steve.  … quite the performance… OK I am inspired —

  1. Justin H Brierley says:

    Hello all,

    It's been ages since I've participated, but I was struck with inspiration at the 80s synth theme. Last night I whipped together this variation on my current live project which uses a Theremini to create MIDI loops. For this piece all sounds are from the iPad. I started with a classic 80s drum machine (808 via FunkBox app) then looped app versions of CMI and Casio CZ. Enjoy!

    [audio src="" /]

    Justin H Brierley

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Justin I'm glad you popped in.  We miss ya!  DOn't be a stranger.  Nice sounds and particularly the midi sax tones but very cool where you are taking the Theremin.  I'm really glad we officially met last fall in Providence and recently heard from Laurie she is going to produce another one next fall.  Maybe a return.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Ben delicate and dancing on the keys though typing as hearing and your contrast is happening! Dig. Meaning the sudden chordal shifts.  Everytime I run by the drummers circle which did today I think of you.

  2. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey

    Seven pieces using factory presets on the Roland JX-3P. Mercifully short (I hope) in order to minimize the cringeworthy aspects of my performances. Individual notes where necessary.


    String Theory

    Resident Evil – I wasn't going to include this at first, then thought it sounded a bit like something The Residents might do and started to like it more.

    Pole Star – Hey, it was the '80s, every synth had to have a sample & hold preset!!

    Plan It


    Bill & Ben – not the two gents here, but while playing this I couldn't help thinking of a favourite childhood TV programme in England called Bill & Ben, the Flowerpot Men; they used to "talk" very much like this.


  3. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold ~ off topic




    the midi file for all the songs in this series is here…


    This complete set of songs "potato tomato fixings 1-6" is here at the blog, the two intro's are included btw this set was really fun to make I seemed to be more at the keyboard than the midi control loops

    There is also another series of songs part 1 that is at the blog in this post from earlier this week.

    the videos might wait till tomorrow I guess… —

  4. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey

    Four more from the JX-3P, this time using presets that I created and saved a long time ago.

    Wraps Oddly – sort of sounded rhapsodic, hence the punny title.

    The Growler

    The Blue Sea – if you say it with emphasis on the second word, it may give a hint as to the composer I thought it sounded like.

    Morning Mist – just remembered that I was going to mention this one was left intentionally low-level, as it seemed to suit the piece better than when "normalised". Besides, boosting the level only brought out some unpleasant noise in the patch that was otherwise hidden.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Well this theme certainly sparked you James!  Like The Blue Sea and Bill and Ben a lot, the latter quirky indicative of what I think you responded to in the show though I have no idea.  Anyhow all these are short and spontaneous, nice from the Roland.

  5. Roger Sundström says:

    Roger "Erocnet" Sundström

    Easter Zoo

    I found an old toy keyboard in my room, with new batterys and little contact cleaner I heard some sounds 🙂

    • Bill says:

      am tired…was busy all nite… either this or that… then today went to work… — still tired…

      I should possibly have something vintage going on in a little bit … after some wake up processes and such-not goings on…

      I like that these two songs are like right next to one another…yours JC and Steve's where he has worked with your song… wow both of you…

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      Having a hard time thinking is this if weirder than the van I saw in Indiana that was plastered with claims that Steven King murdered John Lennon. What it was doing in Indiana IDK but…

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Kavin sounds like Edgar Winter in there 🙂  Guitar amongst twists/turns is cool. Like the pic and yes I'd say it's Texas of course too, could be further north in my old stomping grounds and Steve's too out there in Jacksonville by Little Rock Airforce Base maybe but hopefully not gettin ready to go to Korea (Yikes!!).

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