Bill Newbold 
Solar winds westward 1 
two reals of one x0x for stretching
2 via 2 in rote order 3 of four now

Chris Vaisvil
String Ensemble in 106 notes per octave

Paul H. Muller 
Sunset From the Terrace
Sunset From the Terrace – 2

Jim Goodin 
Calling Thailand Joseph Benzola & Jim Goodin

Steve Layton
Floored Jeff Fairbanks (mix Steve Layton)
Caldera Jim Goodin, Roger Sundström, Bill Newbold (mix Steve Layton)
The Charmer Roger Sundström, Bruce Hamilton, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)
Sky Prayer Paul Mimlitsch, Steve Layton, Kavin Allenson (mix Steve Layton)
There Is No Try Joseph Benzola, Benjamin Smith (mix Steve Layton)
Steel Toe Tiptoe Roger Sundström, Bruce Hamilton, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)
Prowl Shane Cadman, James Bailey, Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton)

Roger "Erocnet" Sundström 
Play With Me
Bella Bass
A Distant View  (feat: Joseph Benzola, James Bailey, Paul Mimlitsch x2, Benjamin Smith)

Benjamin Smith

Shane W. Cadman

Paul Mimlitsch

A Fool's Fear 
World of Cubes

Joseph Benzola 
Piece Drum Set

Bruce Hamilton 

J.C. Combs
BenChimes feat. Benjamin Smith J.C. Combs Mix

===========================Original Event Open and Thread Commentary===========================

Hi SI youngsters! Time to share some music, sound and thoughts again.
Theme this time will be "Thinking Out Of The Box".
As you know this SI event will end 1st April and that leads us to the April Fools’ Day. Can we use that in music? Perhaps create a joke track or attach a sound to the victim’s back without being noticed 🙂
If you don´t want to create a crazy hoax or general silliness you´re welcome to do whatever you want.

Roger "Erocnet" Sundström

Note Struggle

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      Bill, perhaps you should try Patreon and see if you can get paying sponsors. I don't know of anyone else who bends space-time like you do. This is really great work!

      • Bill says:

        excellent idea chris I will see about that I have tried things like reverbnation.. but that was pay as you go really 000 IF there are others that could sponsor my music I would like to look into that as well yes. —

        as for my box theories .. hehe IF I am not a box then what am I really?  neither inside it nor outside it…the box,..

        • Bill says:

          Next day reactions to that site Patreon it seems to be a mix of 

          and —-

          but with a new ephasis on goal setting for patron rewards… I do like it … though I fear it might fall thru the cracks since I have been a member of talent house to no avail or even like… american artist site were I have displayed some watercolors,..  I guess paying for marketing is only the start.?  — then marketing pays for itself?  I guess.

          what I do like about the where I have set up a creator page… 🙂   is that they are in cahoots with  = a kind of gaming next level skype teamspeak app that I have opened up servers on.  that means my paid followers would pay to watch/hear me perform live… A really nice augment to any media interface…— 🙂  that is possible with my iPad.


          this is my first post here…

          it is that five minute song stretched out lots… and uploaded there.–

      • Chris Vaisvil says:

        Thank you Joe! – It really isn't as hard as you might think. At first you just need to sort of let things go and along the path combinations and patterns will present themselves – and that is where I end up exploring. Of course with a tuning like 106 notes per octave a regular keyboard is not very practical – so I use this controller with 200 pads.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Chris among the tight intervals this weaves pleasingly in to the familiar western territory then out again and with great irony leading to Paul's Sunset!

  1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller

    Sunset From the Terrace

    Sunset from the terrace

    Off theme.  A picture my cousin Sandra Muller took from her terrace in Huttonbusch, Germany. This is the longform version.  I've cut this piece into 20 segments and am running it through my new server that orders the segments according to the contents of webcam photos from various places around the world.  

    You can see this at the usual address:


  2. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Jeff Fairbanks (mix Steve Layton)

    Took Jeff's track from last week and just layered itself against itself, with each new track playing with the rhythm, space and pitch.

  3. Joseph Benzola says:

    Hello Ladies & Germs!!!  After a hiatus of many years; when the world was still in 2D and B&W, I have returned! With that in mind, please find a solo percussion video which I recorded earlier this week. It's an investigation of the melodic, timbral, and spatial possibilities of solo drumming. Hope you enjoy.. money and comments are always welcome.   😉

    • J.C. Combs says:

      I plan to listen in stereo tonight.  I think there is a way to embed your FB lives as well.  Not sure yet how to do that.  

    • Jim Goodin says:

      JOE – you've returned to the fold! Yay and welcome.  Color of your cymbals and suspended cymbals/gongs give a color that sounds very live and nicely damp actually, like reverberant.  Also the sense of circular motion as I commented on FB is really neat.  Makes me think of your reference to Paul Motian "free' that you talked about on the cast.  Do you care if I rip the audio from this so it can exist as audio in the stream player joe?

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Liking the textures in your working with the bass here and of late Shane.  You're making nice use of the whole range of the instrument.  Second listen too, the time machine or your box effects linger really nice trails on this.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Nice bringing back of Bruce's track in to this from last weekend Steve.  His texture in the main patch in that was piece was really unusual and cool.  Is a nice constant in this mix with Paul's horn weaving amongst Roger's spirits and wry twists.  The added is as your's is concluding in the player stream it goes right into Bill's comic voices and gives the vibe of the dark movie years ago about the puppeteer which escapes.  Anyhow great segue unintended.

  4. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold


    not that Fz was above a mixture of entertainment and comedy I just want to do a quote from 200 motels.. "all I ever get to do is play Zappa's comedy music . . . He eats. " the song I made might be outside the edges of realities that coexist but is more humor then not… in a quarkie type of sound bipps the real referance is to a kind of laughing box. is the box laughing at us or are we making the laughing sounds in our own head..  🙂 — in a kind of sound form that is all to much on topic.

  5. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller

    Sunset From the Terrace – 2


    Here is another version of Sunset From the Terrace, with the segments ordered by the contents of the above image from Queensland, Australia.  My new server gets the latest traffic photo (or something else, depending on the time of day) and analyzes the image to determine the order of the 24 segments in the original piece.  'Analysis' may be a slight exaggeration – for you coders out there, I simply read in the image file and treat the contents as  ASCII characters, sorting them into bins and count their frequency to determine which segment goes where.  These Queensland traffic cams are pretty reliable and you don't need a token to access the image file.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      that's amazing chance but thought out composition Paul! rich tones in the melodies here, rich as Barber @6min and love the concept, like biorythms and a 'ghost in the machine…'

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill this was very neat aurally and visually.  Visually remniscent of Yes Fragile and Hayao Miyazaki imagery.  Aurally just thick and interesting collage of what you do.

      • Bill says:

        Thanks Jim.. I am working (volunteering) late today and probably will not get a new song out tonite.. but — I will be listening to everyones stuff. —

  6. Roger Sundström says:

    Roger "Erocnet" Sundström

    A Distant View  (feat: Joseph Benzola, James Bailey, Paul Mimlitsch x2, Benjamin Smith)

    Joseph Benzola (Improv #26)
    James Bailey (Opening Move)
    Paul Mimlitsch (033117sc, 032317bc5)
    Benjamin Smith (Ben.improv.Mar.30.2017)

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Works great Roger and nice you pulled James from last week.  Glad that is happening some particularly in James not participating yet this weekend.

  7. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Shane Cadman, James Bailey, Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton)

    I did one with the same line-up last week; this one uses James's same track, but with different stuff from Shane and Roger.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Lotta good mixdowns this week Steve, like ALL of them, this one no less.  Like that you are always 'listening' and might pull when we're not looking 🙂

  8. Roger Sundström says:

    Thanks everyone for the music this first public opening of Sound In on this site. There´s a lot of good tracks to listen to this coming week 🙂

    Nice to see Joseph showing up here. He did get some comments and was includes in a couple mixes but I don´t know what happened with the money 😉

    I will close down this event and see you all next time.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Roger excellent event and thanks for hosting.  Actually it was the second but cool thing is our new home, dig it! 

      I'm glad Joe came back for a visit and hope he continues.  Creative soul and good friend.


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