Hi all! Wow, didn't we just end the last Sound-In event?… wink  But Thursday's here and our sonic duty calls. The theme this week is — NO THEME. Have at it, and REMEMBER:  these sounds are dangerous and must only be used around a supervising adult! Don't want anybody losing any fingers… 

  1. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold: Urency Micro 1

    Bill Newbold: Messy Lessy on

    Here is the long and the short of the sorts we have never seen…

    Have to admit my thumb keeps falling off… till I wake up … then It is stuck to my hand — again…  I never post things like longer then about 15 minutes or what shorter then a minute so mmmmm there we are…   I know there was that work kinda bout 30 min it was an accident … Didn't mean that.. 🙂   these are from this week and the quick 51 second work is just now been produced — moments ago —

  2. Benjamin Smith says:

    I usually use a software program and use my old entry-level Yamaha p70 as a controller. The software has some issues this week so I recorded directly from the keyboard. I feel the electric piano had a lot of variations in the sound, so I used that on the EP improv to follow this post.

    Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.p70.Jul.5.2017


    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      I had thought you were probably using a Yamaha Motif – this is a very nice improv and sounds really good.

      • Benjamin Smith says:

        Motif is really nice, it's a much higher level than my keyboard. But, it doesn't do bad. I try to work with the sounds it has. The software piano grand, and some of the patches, have a different sound.

    • J.C. Combs says:

      Nice works this week Chris.  You have your name and title listed correctly but please link the entire MP3 to both so it's picked up by our automated playlist.  

  3. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Lights Near Taos

    hey everyone.  This is native flutes and clarinet recorded interactively in a Pure Data patch I have been reworking this week.  Native flutes were recorded in 2 sample loops with clarinet played live over the top.  Reversing of the samples last couple minutes.  Sort of speaks of mystery lights in New Mexico.  We were there on several trips years ago.  I came back with three native flutes.

    • Bill says:

      super cool… Since this is best performed at Mos Eisley's Crystal Moon Restaurant as I do so often, I need to thank Chris for the include — super cool…

      Oh just remember the riches of Dragons make even the smartest dragons ill and such that time and space can fold together like the closing of the flower petals at the end of a long summer day..

  4. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold the interview and effecteds

    Chris Vaisvil & Erocnet & Bill Newbold mix of the Dragon's of Erebor

    something from this mornings interview —  and then a mix of the dragon's blood …

    this below is the work that was used form yesterdays recordings —

    Urenzy 2z 1 performed and edited by bill newbold

    the midi file for Urenzy 2z 1

    the interview I did with a friend that is homeless whose name is Chris…is uploading now but the audio has already been ripped and altered and loaded into the above mp3  ===this video will show up here on my youtube site — http://www.youtube.com/user/h92o

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