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As some of you know I've been working writing music to poetry lately and it's been a great new direction to try. Poetry has much in common with new music and musicians in my opinion especially from a socio-political viewpoint.  I hope you can experiment with poetry as inspiration and/or as material.  Best,  Jeff Fairbanks

  1. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – Galaxy Gateway 1

    Bill Newbold – Galaxy Gateway 2

    Bill Newbold Galaxy Gateway 3

    And that was the poetry and/or science fiction writing I do as read by the site http://www.text2speech.org/ in one of the various computer voices there,.. the writting is from my works I type here… — https://www.wattpad.com/user/BillNewbold

    feel free to use these poems/spokenword creations as you like — 🙂  the titles are not directly related to the spoken words or actual source of words — sorry about that —

    this sound cloud element in this post is a side project I uploaded while I rendered the work of the day

    the new music made with these spoken scifi readings are getting uploaded now.  I hope to — audacitate some interesting sounds with these sample readings too… as for now they are just directly played as is while in record with some other music I was making while making the video.  the videos will be posted soon as well because my upload speed is now at is 1 mg — still—

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill I like the voices and Steve put them to neat use – the Soundcloud piece is would have also gone well with the german rendering.  Your tremelo instrument in the mix is mellowing my cat 🙂

    • J.C. Combs says:

      I love that app in garageband.   If you use on a touch screen notice that it's pressure sensative.  As in you hold and push and the sound will adjust.  Also if you hold your finger down on one note and slide it up the key, the sound will shift.  Every one of those alchemy synths have the full range of nobs. I can't believe it's free and that ppl snicker about it.  For one thing it has been evolving for what?  20 years? It's not the same product as it used to be.  

      • Shane W. Cadman says:

        I use it pretty often. It can do some really cool stuff. And as you said, can't beat the price!

  2. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil – Sweeney's Agony

    Chris Vaisvil – Sweeney's Agony – Johnny Pumphandle Remix

    Vocal, fretless electric guitar, rhodes (Dimension Pro), tenor sax (Dimension Pro), and drums (Session 3 drummer). All but the drums are live performances. This is an older post, but this version has been buried for years.

    The words by T. S. Eliot used:

    You don't see them, you don't but I see them: they are hunting me down, I must move on. Choephoroi.

    Hence the soul cannot be possessed of the divine union, until it has divested itself of the love of created beings.
    – (St. John of the Cross)

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Awesome band pieces this weekend Chris. Takes the cake particularly first Sweeney.  What is this from, the song or is yours? Actually made me think Sweeney Todd!

  3. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil – The Wind Sprang Up



    Poem by T.S. Eliot.

    The Wind Sprang Up at Four O'Clock (English)

    The wind sprang up at four o'clock

    The wind sprang up and broke the bells

    Swinging between life and death

    Here, in death's dream kingdom

    The waking echo of confusing strife

    Is it a dream or something else

    When the surface of the blackened river

    Is a face that sweats with tears?

    I saw across the blackened river

    The camp fire shake with alien spears.

    Here, across death's other river

    The Tartar horsemen shake their spears.

  4. Chris Vaisvil says:

    Chris Vaisvil – A Foxy Hysteria



    poem by: T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)

    As she laughed I was aware of becoming involved
    in her laughter and being part of it, until her
    teeth were only accidental stars with a talent
    for squad-drill. I was drawn in by short gasps,
    inhaled at each momentary recovery, lost finally
    in the dark caverns of her throat, bruised by
    the ripple of unseen muscles. An elderly waiter
    with trembling hands was hurriedly spreading
    a pink and white checked cloth over the rusty
    green iron table, saying: “If the lady and
    gentleman wish to take their tea in the garden,
    if the lady and gentleman wish to take their
    tea in the garden …” I decided that if the
    shaking of her breasts could be stopped, some of
    the fragments of the afternoon might be collected,
    and I concentrated my attention with careful
    subtlety to this end.

    “Hysteria” was originally printed in Catholic Anthology, November 1915.

    I decided it was about time I went all acoustic just like Norm 🙂 I abuse his A Foxy Rendition with Blocks

    Well, I can’t help the electric bass, but this is the first time I recorded myself playing cornet, flute and harmonica, and also classical (nylon string) guitar plus vocals.

    • Bill says:

      thanks for the inclusion as well here and before, — I am totally in awe– this mix opens my mind into new realms — thank you..

  5. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – Wondering

    On theme – long piece – mix of anxieties from the week, live clarinet, clarinet and guitar samples, oscillators, some spoken word down in, all produced live in a Pure Data patch I've been working on and tweaking in different incarnations last few weeks.  Have not had a chance to listen but can tell some amazing stuff is coming from the inspiration of the 'word'.


    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      I didn't think anyone could do anything with the old (2011) 3 TS Eliot tracks so I had trashed them. So this is totally unexpected and works!

  6. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – What the Squadron Heard

    James Bailey – The Squeaky Gate

    Actually recorded before last week's event, but weren't remotely on theme, being tenor sax. Not sure about this week either, but didn't want them sitting around for too long and getting forgotten about. The first one is kind of close this time, as it is based on a riff from Brian Eno’s song “Back in Judy’s Jungle” from the LP Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy), for which there are words ("Back in Blighty, there was you / There were milkmen every morning / But these endless shiny trees, never used to be that way."). There's a reeeeeealy long fade-out on this one.

    The second piece sort of made me think of wind from an approaching storm blowing a gate with squeaky hinges, and a herd of cattle waiting to be put into the barn. Thought of writing some words, but not really enough time, so you'll just have to make up your own.

  7. Bill says:

    bill newbold left galaxy – be back soon

    Here these are the various works from above that I have stretched with Paul's stretcher and mixed together.

    Below these videos are from this week and weekend though it took about 3 days to upload ..  the video works were recorded possibly while I was making new songs… as it were… but— some are just recorded mixes of various older works I have on the computer of mine from a while back… these are new in perspective to what some have heard..  Although I have not digitized all my audio tapes they have not 0000 left the apartment =–=

    I am enjoying what I hear here and like wow – //// – such a great topic and works of music as well… stupendous 

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