Helloooooo Sound-In humans! [and bots…?]

Time for a new SI and this week's OPTIONAL theme is "Life in the Gaps."

What does that mean? Whatever you like.

Take it literally, poetically, scientifically, philosphically….musically.


Include your name in the text for your link!! This will ensure the playlist has name/title in the popup playlist!

So….text with: name – title (linking to mp3)

example: Bruce Hamilrocker – Gapping it Up

    • Chris Vaisvil says:

      I really like your program's output. Can you use MP3 or wav files? I'd be curious how it would sound using my aeolian harp.

      • Paul Muller says:


        The present server program uses MP3 files as source material.  Needs to have two or three sets comprised of 6 or 8 segments each.

        As it happens, I took one of your aolian harp pieces, cut it up into pieces and ran them through the process in August, 2014:

        Aeolian Harp Excerpt

        Very beautiful…

        • Chris Vaisvil says:

          I like it!   Since 2014 I've made large improvements in signal to noise and tuning stability. If you want to try it with a new set let me know what length of clips you need and I'll put some zipped mp3's together.

  1. Jeff Fairbanks says:

    Jeff Fairbanks – YH Page19   lyrics by Chiwan Choi.  -No actual recording of the vocal part yet but the tune is there.  I've been writing a lot lately and all in the gaps of my "normal" life.

    The trees blur outside the window as I rest my head against it.

    the numbers too they fly by caught in midair like thoughts

    one eight three zero five last minute goodbyes or until later

    the galaxy in your cupped hands still less impossible than the skin of your fingers

    this summer without shirts without god marking tranlucence with your sweat

    what will we do now what will we say some numbers caught

    in space making rain footstep the porch free free free free

    each time I change each time you leave under my window

    there hands clapping in the storm like peaches like heart in concept

  2. Jeff Fairbanks says:

    Jeff Fairbanks – YH Pg32-33  Lyrics by Chiwan Choi

    Okay, so I keep sharing these without the vocals for the simple reason that I kind of hate my demo vocals.  But, here is one with vocals just so you get a slghtly better idea of what these things sound like.  Setting poetry, especially modern poetry to music is so great because there are so many ways to go.  Of course once you do so, you need a singer.  I'm sure there are singing bots, but just like with violin or bassoon, the flavor the musician adds is like the best part of it all for me.  I provide a good survey, but someone has to fill it out, otherwise, no data. right?

    I want to be specific that I do lots of purely electronic music and in that context the sounds used are the performance, the world of the piece, etc, but this latest thing I'm doing is at least in theory aimed at a live theatrical performance kind of thing hence my romantic (corporate-ha) performance metaphors.

  3. Bruce Hamilton says:

    Great start folks!!


    Include your name in the text for your link!! This will ensure the playlist has name/title in the popup playlist!


    instead of the old way:


    text w/link to mp3

    now it is:

    text with name – title (linking to mp3)


    Bruce Hamilrocker – Gapping it Up


  4. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold – Digging into the Gap

    this was originaly titled "Oddly X Spacy" and uploaded at alone tone to an alternate account I started but sense the gap of 7 years from when I uploaded I have changed the title.

    Here, this was a kind of new direction then.. but now I am hearing it with new ears.

    I am posting to let you know I am still here I might have some new things tonight depending … but my life has doubled in busy … So there is less time for much.  I can and do listen to the songs here.  —

  5. Bill says:

    Bill Newbold Pag ana Gap 1

    Bill Newbold Pag ana Gap 2

    Bill Newbold Pag ana Gap 3

    You Know half my life as a day walker is spent as a night runner —

    with the sound from an audacity record above in = pag ana gap 1 – that …  record started well before the video was going… but ended with the video so about five minutes from the end in this song above is where the music for the video starts.  I thought I would have the midi here too…  but it is just the video that is going to be uploaded.  as well as other things in the loop of the tumbjam app… on ipad 2..  I should edit out the first ten minutes then just leave what is on the video but it is a kind of development in sound … I think.  maybe.  0=0

    Bill Newbold Pag ana Gap 4

    this last song I rendered out of the iPad download was… still uploading when I posted this… as well as the video …so what does that mean but— they could need an edit when finished … IF i were to crash between now and the end of the upload.. since I did crash twice in the last half hour it is possible… you know crash blue screen probably a hard drive error or problem again… -0-

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