Greetings.  I am opening up Pandora’s Box for this event with “Mythology” as the theme.  Figure that into your titles or somehow into your works.  Have fun!

  1. James Bailey says:

    Did this just before the event opened, so the title – and perhaps the music, though I’ll leave that up to you – is not on topic. I’m also going to try adding the link in a slightly different way than normal, so hoping it works ok. Nope, it didn’t. Bear with me while I fix things.

    James Bailey – Rattling Swat

    No particular relation, apart from the presence of a saxophone (tenor rather than soprano), but the title was inspired by Richard Sinclair’s song What’s Rattlin’.

  2. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Cerberus

    Ok, more on-topic this time, named after the multi-headed dog guarding the Greek underworld. I actually recorded this last weekend for the event-that-never-was, and never got around to sprucing it up for appearance here, so it got to contribute in a meaningful way.

  3. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller – Newbold One

    Off theme – our buddy Bill Newbold is going through a rough patch, but his recent artwork is as vivid and  brilliant as ever.  This image was analyzed and used to determine the order of my indeterminate ambient piece.

    • Bill says:

      ruff week of it… but the hospital said they could not do anything … 🙁   just let it run thru me == such that it is.. 🙁    they gave me fluids that really helped make me feel better… then sent me home I am home now… at my computer.. —

      never eat the 7-11 hot dog in the morning after they sat there all nite… I think that is what happened.. I had the dogs on Wednesday last week and have not been the same since.. 000

      I did have about an hour of waiting in the ER to write an animoog song and mix it in garage band app.. soon to be posted here.. 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    OK two totally  different mixes.. but the same sources… the shorter one 10+min is closer to source file but the second one the 21:20 min thing is like woe so cool … === I should excerpt this and post the mp3 for playing — yes — that I will do maybe mix the two works for a third new thing. IDK yet.

    this below are as it uploaded to my google drive in the ER— 000 shorter one then the longer one

    these links might only work with the desktop computer IDK…   these are in the drive with sharing on but I have to convert to get it to work 000 I think —

  5. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Syrinx

    James Bailey – Thor Head

    I’m sort of like a kid with his first lump of Silly Putty after I discovered Paulstretch. I love trying it out on different files. In this case, a couple of things I recorded back in June. The first is a minute and a half of morning chorus with robins most prominent, stretched five times; the second is a clap of thunder stretched ten times.

  6. Bill says:

    converted them and more… added to and such

    i would post them all but 0-0-0 na  IF they are interesting then just head to the blog where that and more are being displayed just a kind of cream of the crop here 🙂

    first off it the mix of the many areas all at once…from the new works I have been doing.

    I will call it Ragnarok 1 in that it is set “2077 years later” as the title and such.  as I did not know how to call it but then mythology solved that for me.

    In Norse mythologyRagnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle, foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods OdinThorTýrFreyrHeimdallr, and Loki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors. Ragnarök is an important event in Norse mythology, and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory throughout the history of Germanic studies.

    Bill Newbold – Ragnarok 1

    Bill Newbold – Ragnarok – source A

    this Source A is also a source for the longer work in the ER (that I like better) but is too long really to post here 21:20

    I guess these links should work with the player (i hope)  I do not know if Ragnarok is all over tv now or if they are going to wait till October to blast the commercials for the marvel movie …?

  7. Shane W. Cadman says:

    I’m at my desk at work getting things done while tonight’s comedy magic show techs in my theatre. This gives me some rare time to listen to the music coming in here. Love what I’m hearing!!!

  8. STEVE LAYTON says:

    Hi all. Just to let you know that I was busy putting some other music together, but have downloaded all your tracks and promise some mash-ups will be coming.

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