1. Kavin. says:


    For the new year, the lovely Linda and I have committed to create something every day, her a painting, me a sound. So you’ll be seeing more of that here. This one happens to be on theme.

  2. Jeff Fairbanks says:

    Hey y’all.  Recently I got a chance to hear musicians read through tunes from my current project writing music to Chiwan Choi’s The Yellow House.  This recording is from a read through as I said, but still I am happy to share for anyone that’s interested.  Shane Cadman was there representing on the keyboard (Thanks Shane!).  I had a bunch of singers there who were all reading too, but the vocal is really just supposed to be a solo.

    pg 15-16 

    Music by Jeff Fairbanks Lyrics by Chiwan Choi

    this is not a memory
    this is only a story
    this is when i am one
    this is not when i am anything

    i am just born
    i have an older brother
    neither of us had a say
    this is not a memory
    this is not my memory
    i have not started remembering

    i have not learned to ask what it is to remember but in this thing that is not a memory
    there is a window
    there is my brother

    he is crying
    because he is becoming invisible he is becoming what fades

    this is not a memory but his blindness temporary except here

    where it’s permanent like
    all the things we lose like
    all the things we try to erase 

  3. James Bailey says:

    James Bailey – Icicles

    Modified electric guitar, prepared and run through multiple effects: First into a Behringer V-Amp, then the stereo output from that separated with one channel going directly into the recorder and the other going through the Zoom/EHX combo I usually use.

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