1. Paul Muller says:

    Paul H. Muller TR2 11-8-17

    Almost on-theme.  This is based on a pentatonic C minor scale, but modeled after the processes of ‘In C’ by Terry Riley.  More progress – my program now randomizes the initial cell playing order and determines how many times each cell is played by each of six voices as they move through the piece.  The program now mixes all seven tracks (including the marimba pulse) to create the final file. A bit of polishing up to do but now I’ve got to have the program make all of the variables user-selectable by webpage and create the final player page.  And when I get all of that done I can try writing some new cell sets.

      • Paul Muller says:

        Thanks JC.  I’ve got a lot of experimenting to do – I think the texture is too dense for just six instruments in this set of cells so I plan to lighten up on the number of notes in each cell next time.  I’ve tried something like this previously, but the cells were ordered in completely random fashion. By using ‘In C’ as a model the thing takes on a better overall form.

    • Jim Goodin says:

      Bill neat scape.  The piano is like down the hall in a possessed house 🙂 as I hear this in the background while writing a post about a friend’s early christmas celebration today.  Anyhow neat mood going on in this as well as spooky.

  2. Jim Goodin says:

    Jim Goodin – 3 Tones for Peace

    Great theme and by chance I’m on I believe.  This is another piece done with three piano samples from Garageband.  They were originally ‘white’ notes.  I wrote a Pure Data patch last weekend specifically to manipulate and process them.  This was another working of these tones done earlier this week.  The title came about after watching a number of news clips on yet another horrible mass shooting, the one in the San Antonio area.
    Patch for 3 Tones/JGoodin

  3. Bill says:

    “the other half”  that work just posted last nite was mixed => thru effects… and the effects had layers of effects so mmmm It seemed very “effected”  I have removed the effects and so forth on both tracks and then layered them straight out… I also added some length to it out to 15:26 min… the other was only 14 minutes some.  I will now render the midi file where most all the notes are white and a few “accidentals” on accident,..  Of course the reworking of this work.. 🙂 is more *natural reminding me of about 3 totally different Brian Eno works.  I am glad I had saved the project and its constructions because I was able to go back to this kind of earlier work with it… pre-effects and such.   the note pattern being played is root-fifth-octave but then dropping a whole step and doing that again… very – regular with some alternate patterns too.

    Bill Newbold – that-other-half-without-effects-both-tracks

    this is where the piano song gets very solemn ===

    Bill Newbold time-whole-1-and-a-half.mid

    above the midi file just rendered — is where it “might” be possible to check how much of the work and the “pre-work” is on the white keys and how many times 000 i missed.   Have to say that this rework … with both tracks is nice.. really..

  4. Bill says:

    This is off topic but a five stereo part mix from garage band stuff that is uploaded to the cloud then downloaded to the computer === chopped and cut up put together from two or three different works in the animoog and garage band mobile duo sets..

    Bill Newbold – outside-ends-of-time-1

    this above is a work of a fuzzy fractal render into a gif then rendered into a windows video with sound from earlier works in garage band this is where the idea for the above three minute work came from. == Below is the other work from the series as well. these are easier to listen to for me at half speed video playing.

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